Invicta Watches Review: Are They Good Enough?

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Invicta watches look absolutely stunning at the prices they’re sold. Lots of gold-toned cases and bands coupled with features you typically find from much pricier models have been the arguments for many in going for the brand’s products.

On the other hand, the reviews on these watches is a cause of concern due to loads of negative feedback, mostly related to the quality and warranty policy. That’s why we’ve decided to conduct a thorough Invicta watches review and answer the prime question circling in your heads: are Invicta watches good enough to spend your dollars?

Invicta watches review

To end up with an adequate answer, we’ll cover everything, from the tweaks in the brand’s history to the places of production and quality of movements.

When you’ve made it to the end of this review on Invicta watches, you will have a much better understanding of the brand and its approaches, which eventually helps you to come to a definite conclusion.

Rich History & Change of Course

What might come as a surprise for many is that Invicta was established in Switzerland as early as 1837 – that is nearly two decades before the foundation of Tissot, one of the greatest names in Swiss watchmaking.

Invicta that stands for “invincible” in Latin, got off to a prosperous business producing affordable quality mechanical watches. At times, it indeed felt as if they were hard to beat in terms of price-quality ratio. 

One of the brand’s landmarks includes special watches exclusively made for the Soviet Naval Fleet officers in the 1960s. In the midst of the Cold War between the western and eastern hemispheres, it was a significant recognition that Invicta watches were viewed as durable and of high quality.

Quadrangle Invicta Soviet watch
Invicta’s heritage Russian Diver collection

The arrival of the Quartz Revolution in the 1970s, however, refuted the meaning of Invicta (“invincible”) with the brand losing almost all the sales volumes to much cheaper brands that provided accurate quartz-driven watches. In fact, the whole Swiss industry experienced hardship for relying too heavily on mechanical movements, not only Invicta.

The Picard family, who had established the brand and ran it for nearly 150 years, was unable to adjust to new trends and keep the pace with the rest of the world in the industry, and eventually decided to sell the brand name to the U.S investors in 1991. 

The new owners implemented radical changes that saw the Swiss legacy gradually declining. Different watch parts were sourced from various manufacturers worldwide, resulting in attractive prices for stunning designs. 

Another radical approach inexistent prior to the takeover was a bold marketing strategy, which brought the Invicta brand in front of millions of watch enthusiasts.

Invicta Watches Today

These days, Invicta watches are reviewed as posh in style but affordable in terms of price. The variety of timepieces is overwhelming, with new models arriving almost weekly, taking the overall number of different watches in the hundreds.

The timepieces come with quality parts, such as stainless steel cases and Swiss and Japanese movements, while featuring attributes that are prevalent in much pricier watches. Homages to famous Rolex pieces are also noteworthy.

Further, the watches are often oversized, providing men the possibility to pamper their wrists with big face watches rather than sticking to classically sized timepieces.

Invicta piece resembling Rolex
Homage to Rolex

Albeit the glamour and hype, a large part of the watch community does not consider Invicta watches to be worth purchasing. That is due to the inconsistent quality, sleazy marketing techniques, disappointing customer service, and unsatisfactory warranty policy. 

Invicta Watches Review

The history of Invicta reflects a true Swiss heritage, but recent times have diminished the reputation the brand used to possess.

Following, we’ll cover the core concepts in determining the quality standards, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Invicta watches, and why the brand keeps receiving a bad rep for such eye-catching and affordable wristwatches.

Where Are Invicta Watches Made?

Invicta sources watch parts from different manufacturers all around the world, with the majority of watches being assembled in China. The notorious quality issues associated with China are well-known, despite the industry’s recent developments that have raised the credibility of their production. 

Watch movements, on the other hand, originate from Switzerland (Sellita, Ronda & ETA), Japan (Miyota, Seiko), and China (Seagull). There isn’t much to complain when browsing through all the names as they all possess a good reputation, with the Chinese Seagull being the onliest exception. 

Invicta watch movements
Invicta’s Swiss and Japanese movements

You’ll also find a collection of watches that carry the Swiss Made tag, ensuring that these watches possess a Swiss timekeeping mechanism and are assembled in Switzerland. Moreover, they sell for desirable prices as well. 

Considering the relatively high-profile combination of movements that power Invicta watches, and adding the fact that they’re mostly built from decent materials, you inevitably start to wonder why the prices are sometimes two to three times cheaper in comparison to watches with similar attributes.

Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

The answer is quite simple: high-volume production in low-cost regions. You don’t have to be a genius in economics to understand that the higher the volume (driven by the demand), the lower the manufacturing costs. And since it’s done mainly in China, where the production costs are many times cheaper than in the rest of the world, the prices drop even more.

The demand for flashy wristwear is high. If Invicta would’ve chosen the path of producing minimalistic analog watches instead of flamboyant ones, they wouldn’t have had the ongoing success they’re enjoying right now. Thus, aesthetics has played a significant role in Invicta’s price policy and success.

In the end, a cheap watch with a fantastic design that is cleverly marketed is the X factor that determines Invicta’s success. 

But what about the Swiss-made watches? After all, the majority of the timepiece has to be of Swiss origin, meaning that the costs are much higher too? 

Invicta's Swiss Made timepiece
Invicta’s Swiss made watch

Well, besides the high production volumes, it can also be explained by the employment of cheaper-end Swiss movements, most notably Ronda and Sellita quartz mechanisms. 

The Swiss line might not earn the highest profit for Invicta, but it’s not the goal they’ve set. The primary purpose is to maintain some Swiss heritage in order to use it in the marketing strategy for a reputation boost.

Causes for The Loss of Reputation

Examining Invicta watches superficially, one might wonder what all the fuss is about. A timepiece with Swiss quartz or Japanese automatic movement for around $100 is a deal hard not to accept. Yet the most significant concerns lie elsewhere.

Inconsistent Quality

While most owners find their timepiece more than satisfying, there are still an alarmingly large number of negative reviews on Invicta watches not standing up to the expectations. 

Crystals popping off, stems stuck or loose, gold platings poorly glued, and the construction leaking when submerging into the water are just a few to mention when browsing through the reviews on Invicta watches.

The inconsistent quality is the result of mass production and lack of quality control. If you want to produce affordable watches while reaping the maximum profits you can get, the quality control that takes up a considerable amount of resources will be a secondary matter. 

It must be stressed that not all watches come insufficient. When checking Amazon’s Invicta watches reviews, the majority of them have received 5-star ratings from 75-80% of reviewers. Not a bad result in itself. However, the percentage of 1-star reviews is what determines the inconsistency of the model.

Again, not all the models but still a vast majority have around 7-10% of 1-star ratings. That shows vividly how erratic the mass-produced watches are without complete quality control.

While even the biggest guns in the game have some faulty models, the problem with Invicta is that trying to repair or replace it is a cumbersome process compared to the greats.

Lousy Customer Service & Warranty Policy

The most repetitive problem in dealing with customer service is a slow response time. In some cases, there will be no reply at all. 

Of course, this doesn’t happen in every case when many have received adequate replies and fulfilling results. Still, the worrying number of negative experiences won’t do any good for the overall reputation. 

Since the main reason for the people to turn to customer service is related to faulty parts, the warranty policy question comes into play. A typical warranty for two to three years is more than satisfactory considering the price point of the watches; therefore, many hope to resolve their problem via the policy.

But what usually comes as a surprise (understandably, to be fair) is that the warranty covers only the dial, hands, and movement. It excludes any problems related to the crystal, crown, battery, case, or strap. 

Such conditions are very unusual and guerilla-like in the industry, thus inevitably raising concerns over the brand’s willingness to provide the buyers with reliable timepieces. 

Invicta’s marketing techniques, however, don’t hint for that approach but are somewhat irritating in the other meaning.

Sleazy Marketing Techniques

Since you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already seen the huge discounts that the watches have on Invicta’s homepage. In some cases, the prices have dropped from $650 to as low as $140 (visible on the following image). 

Invicta watches review prices
Inflated MSRP vs discounted price

For many, this may seem like a deal of the year. In reality, it’s just a pure marketing trick when the MSRPs (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices) are fictionally inflated to give an impression of an incredible discount. 

It’s a technique that doesn’t do justice to the company and its reputation. Instead of presenting the clients with an adequate (or at least close to an adequate) retail price, they’ve chosen the dirty path (though technically correct one) to mislead them, giving another reason to doubt in Invicta.

What Is Awesome About Invicta Watches?

Going through all the negative aspects of the brand, from erratic quality to unsatisfactory warranty conditions, some may find it hard to convene themselves to buy any of the Invicta watches. 

Indeed, several factors ARE possible dealbreakers, but the brand also possesses a couple of traits that overpower competitors by a mile. One of the most significant advantages is the number of high-end features for the price point.

High-End Features

If you combined a 300m (1,000ft) water-resistance, stainless steel case, and Japanese automatic movement with a see-through case back into a watch, you would expect it to cost at least $200-$300. Invicta sells them below a hundred dollar line!

For example, the Invicta Grand Diver 3044 features all the named characteristics while selling for an astounding $90.

Here’s another example: a Swiss-made stainless steel quartz watch Invicta Pro Diver 25814 with a price tag just below $100.      

You will not find any better deals in this price range. Maybe only Seiko 5 can offer some competition, but that’s pretty much it. 

Quality Materials

Despite the fact that the quality of Invicta watches often lacks due to insufficient quality assurances, the timepieces are nevertheless constructed with quality materials

Stainless steel, undoubtedly the most popular material in the industry, is prevalent in the majority of Invicta watches reviewed. Its durability to stand knocks and falls is well-known, as is its corrosion resistance. The bands are of steel as well, but also come in polyurethane and silicone.  

Invicta materials

Invicta employs a fancy-sounding Flame Fusion crystal for dial coverings, but it’s nothing more than just a mineral glass with a thin layer of sapphire film on it. In essence, the attributes are very similar to mineral crystal – not as high-class as sapphire, but still decent enough for long-lasting wear.

All in all, there’s nothing spectacular in regards to materials but nothing to complain either. However, for the price, you could not wish anything better. 

Extravagant Design

One adjective that describes Invicta the most is the luxuriousness that beams from every single model they’ve launched. 

It’s their prime target to achieve the looks of a much pricier watch to get the attention, thereupon conduct high sales volumes. And if the price is also more than appealing, it’s no wonder that Invicta’s so popular.

Flashy gold-toned Invicta timepiece reviewed
Eye-catching Invicta watch

After reviewing all the Invicta watches on sale, it is clear that the golden tone is an intertwined characteristic throughout the whole production line. While many find it too much on a low-end timepiece, others rejoice for that feature. 

Besides the flagship line of Pro Diver, Invicta also provides numerous models with flashy stopwatch functions and unique date windows that are sure to catch an eye. You’ll also find a couple of skeletonized watches that belong to the top of the game due to their extravagant and bold design. 

Very Affordable Prices

And last but not least, the prices at which the watches are available are just astonishing. Receiving an automatic movement or Swiss quartz timepiece equipped with nice features for less than $100 is something you’ll not find elsewhere.

Several rankings on the web covering the top sub-$100 watches feature Invicta models, including ours.

The priciest Invicta pieces, however, reach well over the $1,000 mark but do come with highly reputable Swiss automatic chronograph movements as well. However, the majority of watches are dirt-cheap, with the most affordable ones starting from $40.

Are Invicta Watches Good?

Answering this question has two viewpoints – one from the experienced watch wearers and the other from experimental wearers.

For seasoned enthusiasts, Invicta is far from good due to the lack of quality consistency. The aggressive marketing that involves inflated MSRPs and hype names for standard materials is pushed to outperform the highest names in the business that, in contrast to Invicta, have already proved their value over the long decades, so knowledgable people won’t accept that.    

Those who have worn timepieces for decades and appreciate the craftsmanship and know-how that the watches come with will most likely opt for little pricier but proven brands, such as Seiko, Orient, or Citizen

Now, for the experimental wearers who are eager to try out new brands and styles, the Invicta products are perfect. They don’t cost much at all, they look astonishing and expensive, and they are equipped with respected Japanese and Swiss movements. 

Invicta watches review

Invicta should be taken as a typical fashion company, just like Fossil brand or not that widespread companies of Vincero and Stuhrling, who’s watches last at least 3-5 years while serving the purpose of self-expression rather than horological masterclass.  

Buying Invicta watches is a bit risky because you never know whether you get a value deal or end up with a lemon. Nevertheless, taking into account the price, the aesthetics, and the features, Invicta is definitely worth a try if you know what to bear in mind when selecting the right watch. 

How to Avoid Low-Quality Watches?

As we’ve already mentioned on multiple occasions in this Invicta watches review, not all the timepieces come with inconsistent quality. Those models that last years to come are truly worth a try because of the unique apparel and reputable movements.

But what should you consider to avoid those with low quality?

1) Check the Reviews on Invicta Watches

The first thing you should do is head to a reputable e-commerce site that also features customer feedback for the watches. Amazon is probably the most trustworthy with reviews from verified buyers.

As mentioned earlier, try to avoid those Invicta models that have a large number of 1-star ratings. The percentage should not exceed 5%.

Also, check the percentage of 5-star reviews – the higher it is, the better. The ratings come from real owners, so they’re your best source available.

2) Avoid Expensive Models

Since the quality is unstable, you wouldn’t want to pay $400-500 for a watch and then realize the faulty part doesn’t belong under the warranty. Of course, if you’ve got money to spend and the timepiece is a real eye-catcher, it’s entirely up to you. But for the majority of us, the lower the risk, the better. 

3) Choose Swiss Made & Japanese Automatic Watches

The Swiss Made tag is by far the best feature of Invicta. Since the rules of obtaining the label on the watch are stringent, involving the inclusion of Swiss movement and the final assembly done in Switzerland, the guarantee for better quality is much higher. 

The Japanese automatic Invictas are also of higher quality than, for example, the quartz equivalents or Chinese Seagull movements.

All in all, go for a watch that stays below the $150-200 line, comes with Swiss quartz or Japanese automatic movement, and possesses a low percentage of 1-star ratings

Some Highly Reviewed Invicta Watches

To give you some insight into the best Invicta models that check the previously mentioned conditions, we’ve singled out three of them that are unlikely to cause any problems.

Invicta Pro Diver Swiss 25814

Gold and silver toned watch with black dial

This versatile gold and silver watch is powered by the Ronda caliber 515 quartz movement that is a known workhorse with reliable accuracy. The Pro Diver 25814 is Swiss made; thus, you can expect high quality for a very affordable price just below $100. 

The water-resistance is guaranteed to 100m (330ft) and comes with a unidirectional bezel. Though the watch is not suitable for scuba diving, it is still perfectly suited for surface water sports, such as swimming and snorkeling.

The buyers’ feedback is very high, 4.7 out of 5.0, with basically no quality complaints. It will definitely be a safe bet for a quality Invicta watch.

Invicta Pro Diver Automatic 5053

Pepsi bezelled Invicta watches review

An exemplary model with a reliable Japanese automatic movement is the Pro Diver 5053. The stainless steel watch comes with a classic 40mm case size and water-resistance to 200m (660ft). 

The Pepsi design of red and blue is the most exciting feature of the watch, making it way more luxurious than expected from a sub-$100 wristwatch. 

The reviews of this Invicta watch are also in favor with very few complaints. 

Invicta Grand Diver Automatic 3044

Classic black and silver dive watch

The last example is also a sub-$100 watch with a water-resistance up to 300m (1,000ft). The quality Japanese automatic movement is visible from an exhibition case back, while the screw-down crown protects the inside from any water immersion. You can also expect a good luminosity from the hands and indices in this Invicta Grand Diver 3044.

The case size at 47mm is above the average, thus suits various styles. The looks that feature a black dial and silver-toned steel band also make this Grand Diver a versatile piece for every occasion.

The reviews from over a thousand buyers are very positive, with an average rating of 4.6 and only a handful of 1-star scores. 

Conclusion: Invicta Watches Review

So, what to conclude from this Invicta watches review? First of all, the brand still has a lot to improve. Their quality is far from consistent, warranty policy is unfavorable, and the marketing approach a little bit of nasty. On the other hand, finding watches with reliable Swiss quartz or Japanese automatic movement for such an affordable price that Invicta sells them is almost impossible.

Therefore, the case with Invicta is a little complicated. But what can be said is that Invicta is a good brand for those who are not afraid to experiment with new styles and brands, but not good enough for seasoned watch wearers.

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