About Watch Researcher

Hi, my name is Carl, and I am the main guy behind Watch Researcher.

I wasn’t much into watches when I was in my early 20s. Neither have I owned any heirloom timepieces inherited from my Dad or Grandpa. Therefore, my story is a bit different from hundreds of other watch bloggers. 

But in the past years, my love for quality watches has skyrocketed, which eventually led me to quit a full-time managerial job and create a dedicated blog where I can share my knowledge, expertise, and opinions.

I don’t have one particular brand of watches that I adore because tens and tens of manufacturers produce stunningly beautiful and long-lasting timepieces. Therefore, biased, one-sided opinions are something you will definitely not find in this blog.   

What Is Watch Researcher?

So, what is it that you will find from Watch Researcher?

The blog concentrates almost entirely on affordable watches that rarely exceed the four-figure numbers. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean spending fortunes, and the number of excellent watch manufacturers we cover in our blog is a perfect example of that.

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The main focus goes to brand reviews and top watches in various categories, but you’ll also find the basics of timepieces, such as the reviews on different watch movements, types of watches, unique complications, etc. 

The end result of this blog is to make your watch selection a whole lot easier by bringing you the most suitable wristwatches right according to your expectations and needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at watch(at)watchresearcher.com or visit the Contact Us page.

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