25 Best Seiko Watches for Men in 2024

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Seiko is probably one of the first watch brands that pop into mind when talking about wristwear. Their dedication to perfection, craftsmanship, and accuracy for over 140 years in business has resulted in the company’s stellar reputation as one of the best providers of high-quality watches at accessible rates.

Since the number of fine Seiko timepieces is overwhelming, we’ve come to help you pick out the best Seiko watches for men you can find.

best Seiko watches

Seiko started in the watchmaking business as early as 1881, surviving several crises during the existence but also causing one (for a particular industry) that dramatically changed the course of horology.

Numerous ground-breaking innovations, quality assessment, and rich history are available in our comprehensive post on the review of the Seiko brand. So, feel free to discover the makings of the brand if that is of interest to you. 

But now, without further ado, let’s move on to the list of Seiko timepieces that have received only but positive reviews from owners. You’ll find the watches categorized conveniently according to their intent, movement, and characteristic features.

Seiko Automatic Divers

Automatic dive watches are the most appreciated and sought-after from Seiko. Besides being powered by reliable and acknowledged calibers, the following watches are also extremely watertight and built to ISO standards for professional diving.

Although the accuracy of automatic watches is not on par with quartz equivalents, it’s not why the self-winders are bought. Instead, it’s the intricate mechanism and craftsmanship that people value. And if you add the coveted dive watch appearance on top of it, it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

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Seiko Pepsi Automatic SKX009J1

Model: SKX009J1
Movement: 7S26 Automatic
Case Size: 42mm 

Seiko watch with red and blue bezel and rubber band

The Seiko SKX009J1 model is one of the most famous affordable dive watches of all time. However, some of its fame can be credited to the iconic Rolex Submariner due to similarities in appearance between the two. 

Like the Submariner, the Seiko SKX009 is a classic Pepsi bezel watch comprising blue and red bezel tones that stand out from the crowd, giving the piece a classy diver’s watch apparel. 

Hidden in the 42mm stainless steel case is the 21-jewel 7S26 automatic movement that keeps precise time. However, the downside of the material and movement type is the relatively heavy weight that comes with it. 

The dial has dark-blue coloring and features a day-date window and luminous hands and indices. The unidirectional bezel, inherent to all the diving watches, has the red color up until 20 minutes, while the rest of the bezel is painted blue. 

The timepiece is also ISO-certified to 200m (660ft), which perfectly suits scuba diving. 

The great news for those who don’t like the rubber band is that you can easily swap it for a more suitable one, for instance, NATO or metal version.

Seiko Automatic Diver SKX007J1

Model: SKX007J1
Movement: 7S26 Automatic
Case Size: 43mm 

Genuine Seiko dive wristwatch with silicone strap

The Seiko SKX007 watch is principally the same as the SKX009 but swaps the Pepsi bezel and blue dial to an all-black bezel and face. 

The classic 21-jewel automatic movement is the core of the timepiece, providing the kind of reliability one would expect from a quality watch manufacturer. Seiko has also made sure that not only the movement attracts the buyers but the overall apparel as well. 

The black dial and bright white hands and indices harmonize well, and even the typically dull marking of Diver’s XXX adds elegant contrast in this example with its orange tint.

The common characteristics describing professional diver’s wristwear are present in the SKX007J1 as well, featuring unidirectional bezel, ISO 6425, screw-down caseback and crown, and luminosity in hands and markers.

Seiko Samurai SRPD23

Model: SRPD23K1
Movement: 4R35 Automatic
Case Size: 44mm 

Classic Seiko automatic dive watch with sea-blue dial

The Seiko Samurai SRPD23 is a classic dive watch from Seiko. Watch enthusiasts gave the timepiece the nickname Samurai due to the overall “sharp” appeal with the sword-shaped hands, long hour markers, and straight-aligned bezel markers.

Like most Seiko divers, the SRPD23 is also equipped with ISO certification for deep diving. You’ll also find the prevalent features of such timepieces, such as the one-way rotating bezel, perfectly glowing hands and indices, and a screw-down crown and caseback. 

Appearance-wise, this Samurai catches the eye with a sea-blue dial that is decorated with a wavy design. Furthermore, the polished stainless steel case and bracelet combine smoothly with the dominating blue tone and result in an attractive appearance.

When it comes to movement, it is an automatic 4R35 caliber that can be halted and manually winded. Known as a workhorse that rarely lets down, you can expect precision and reliability from this caliber.

Seiko Prospex Monster SRPD25

Model: SRPD25
Movement: 4R36 Automatic
Case Size: 42mm

self-illuminating automatic dive watch from Seiko

The Samurai watch is not the only Seiko automatic diver with a nickname. The Seiko Prospex SRPD25 we have up next is also called the “Monster watch” because the jagged bezel and sharp 12-hour markers give an aggressive touch to the timepiece.

However, beneath the antagonistic impression lies a very exemplary professional dive watch that has been the crowd’s favorite for years. 

The best feature you get with this Seiko is its extraordinary luminosity with a very bright glow, making it one of the best electro-luminescent watches currently available.

Besides luminosity, you can expect other great features, such as the 200m (660ft) water resistance and precise automatic movement. A neat addition is also the magnifying glass on top of the day-date feature, which drastically enhances the legibility.  

Seiko Turtle Automatic SRPA21

Model: SRPA21K1
Movement: 4R36 Automatic
Case Size: 44mm

A cushion-shaped Seiko watch with blue dial

The Seiko SRPA21 is a unique-looking watch with a blue-red Pepsi design and a case resembling a turtle’s shell.

When it comes to functionality, the nickname describes the watch as much as does the appearance. With a 200m (660ft) ISO-certified resistance and favorable appeal, the SRPA21 is an appropriate wearable for professional diving, as well as for various casual outfits.

The watch runs on a 4R36 automatic caliber with around 40 hours of power reserve. In addition, the movement is equipped with two features you can make use of. First, you can halt the time for second-precision time corrections, and secondly, you’ll have the opportunity to wind it manually.

Due to the unusual cushion-shaped case, the watch gives an impression of a chunky watch. However, the actual appearance and feel on a wrist are much more modest because of the slightly curved shape of the case, which casts to the contours of a wrist.

Seiko Solar Divers

Along with automatic dive watches, Seiko offers professional-grade solar divers as well. Although a solar movement isn’t as prestigious as its automatic equivalent, it offers better accuracy (around 15 seconds of deviation) and doesn’t require cumbersome battery replacements or any kind of winding.

Therefore, a solar quartz movement can easily last for decades until the rechargeable cell requires replacing.

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Seiko Prospex PADI Solar SNE435P1

Model: SNE435P1
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 43mm   

Seiko solar dive watch with blue dial

The most coveted solar-powered Seiko diver is the Prospex PADI SNE435P1

The highly durable timepiece has received additional proof of quality from the PADI inclusion in the name, which stands for approval from PADI, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors.

The model comes fully stainless steel with a 43.5mm case and a band that has a push-button release clasp with a safety lock. The blue one-way rotating elapsed bezel and Hardlex-covered dial bring out the beauty of the timepiece. 

This 200m (660ft) water-resistant Prospex watch also has luminous hands and markers for enhanced visibility underwater, as well as a screw-down crown and caseback for better protection against possible water damage.

A finesse-adding feature that makes this timepiece stand out is the red color on the minute hand and crown, associating perfectly with the overwhelming blue.

The watch runs on a convenient solar quartz movement that powers itself by any light. A full charge can last up to 10 months while keeping accuracy of +/-15 seconds a month. 

We’ve included the SNE435P1 on our lists of the best solar timepieces and top dive wristwear as well, so find out how it compares to other solar-powered and dive pieces.

Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ029

Model: SNJ029
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 47.5mm

A rugged army watch with bezel and thick hands

The Seiko Arnie SNJ029 is not only a professional dive watch but also a very capable survival watch. After all, if a timepiece carries the nickname of “Arnie,” referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger, no explanation is needed. 

The watch got this byname after Arnold wore the original version of this Seiko in blockbuster movies Commando and Predator

So, what does this watch offer?

First and foremost, the Seiko SNJ029 is a professional-grade diver with all the essential features required for the activity. With an addition of an accurate and hassle-free solar quartz movement, the watch also keeps perfect time and requires little to no upkeep.  

The watch takes up a notch with the inclusion of a small digital screen, a classic throwback to the 1980s. Through the two push buttons on the left side of the case, this Seiko enables setting alarms, using a stopwatch feature, and checking the calendar.

In terms of appearance, this Seiko is rugged-looking and tough. Also dubbed as “Saharnie” because of the desert tan straps, the 47.5mm watch offers a unique and masculine presence. 

Seiko Solar Diver SSC017

Model: SSC017
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 43mm

One of the best Seiko watches with black and blue color scheme

The Seiko Solar Diver SSC017 is a versatile watch that serves the wearer brilliantly both in the water and on the land. A classic dive watch doesn’t usually have a chronograph, but this one does, making it a great allrounder and one of the top Seiko watches currently available. 

The stopwatch feature measures in 1/5-second increments (in a sweeping motion) and can be set, stopped, and reset via the push buttons on either side of the crown. Though one thing to bear in mind with this Seiko is that the watch’s seconds counter lies on the left-hand-side subdial, not on the main dial.

The SSC017 model is also notable for its wonderful coloring when the dominating black tone is coupled with blue, resulting in a unique and attractive appeal not found on many watches. 

The great thing with this ticker is also the fact you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries since it receives energy from any light and holds a charge for up to half a year.

Seiko 5 Watches

The Seiko 5 collection is a line that offers the best entry-level automatic watches. The price tags are typically around $100 to $250 for dive-inspired, military-inspired, and sports-style timepieces.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNK805

Model: SNK805K2
Movement: 7S26 Automatic
Case Size: 37mm

Military-inspired green canvas automatic watch

Probably the most popular timepiece out of the Seiko 5 collection is the Seiko 5 SNK805

The watch is one of the best timepieces you can buy for less than $100, especially considering the reliable automatic caliber that powers the watch.

The non-windable and non-hackable movement is cased in a 37mm stainless steel case that also features a spectacular see-through caseback where all the wheel and gear work happens right before your eyes. 

Although this Seiko 5 gives a genuine outdoor watch impression, it’s still unsuitable for regular water immersion. Nevertheless, the rain won’t cause any problems, so feel free to use it during your hikes and campings, among other activities.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNK795

Model: SNK795
Movement: 7S26 Automatic
Case Size: 37mm

Seiko 5 Automatic watch with black dial

The Seiko 5 SNK795 watch goes well with numerous attires and suits various occasions due to its classic stainless steel looks and simple analog dial. 

The watch is highly legible with its bold and luminous hour markers and hands that sit in front of a contrasting black dial. In addition, the sweeping second’s hand has been painted red, which looks attractive and helps to easily capture it when required. 

The caliber running inside the 37mm case is an entry-level automatic movement with approximately 40 hours of power reserve.

The caliber has no hacking and hand winding possibilities, so it is somewhat limited compared to other movements. Nevertheless, the 7S26 movement is known to keep accurate time and rarely disappoints. 

In terms of durability, the Seiko SNK795 withstands knocks and hits pretty well due to carrying a Hardlex crystal, stainless steel case, and a three-link metal bracelet. Even the automatic movement is protected with an anti-shock system softening the hits to the vital parts. 

Seiko 5 Sea Urchin SNZF15J1

Model: SNZF15J1
Movement: 7S36 Automatic
Case Size: 40mm

Seiko dive watch with blue face and red and blue bezel

Pepsi bezel watches have been sought-after ever since Rolex came out with the GMT Master watch back in 1969. These days, the color palette is widely applied to dive and dive-inspired timepieces. 

The Seiko 5 Sea Urchin SNZF15J1 is one of the dive-inspired watches that magnificently employs the Pepsi scheme. The colors are not overdone and blend well with the design of this watch.

The Sea Urchin is a desk diver that has the appearance of a classic dive piece but is not meant for deep diving. Instead, the watch is a suitable wearable for casual and smart casual outfits, with swimming being the absolute maximum you can do with it in the water. 

The Seiko SNZF15J1 is quite special for its size. Namely, it comes with a 40mm case diameter, which is a quite rare size for a dive or dive-inspired timepiece.   

Seiko 5 Watch SPRD65

Model: SRPD65
Movement: 4R36 Automatic
Case Size: 42.5mm

Gunmetal grey Seiko 5 sports watch

The Seiko 5 SRPD65 watch sticks out from the crowd for its PVD-coated gunmetal gray coloring and dive-inspired appearance. It is another desk diver from the Seiko 5 collection that can be used for swimming, but, above all, as an everyday watch for various events. 

The timepiece is equipped with an automatic movement with desirable hacking and hand winding functionalities. The caliber also has a standard 40 hours of power reserve and comes with 24 jewel bearings that help to keep precise time. 

This Seiko 5 goes well with various wrist sizes due to its modest 42.5mm case diameter. The height is also quite favorable for being not too thick at 13.4mm. 

You can also make use of luminous hour markers and hands when in the dark, as well as the highly legible day-date feature at a convenient 3 o’clock position.   

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Seiko 5 SNZH60 Gold Watch

Model: SNZH60
Movement: 7S36 Automatic
Case Size: 42mm

A gold-plated watch with black face

This particular Seiko 5 is for men wishing to stand out from the crowd when its gold-plated case and metal bracelet make the Seiko SNZH60 way more expensive than it actually is. 

The watch also has a very attractive dial when the black background harmonizes perfectly with sword-shaped hands and long gold-tone hour markers. Even the day-date feature, which typically is quite modest in wristwear, adds finesse with its golden edges. 

When it comes to the caliber, it is Seiko’s widespread non-hacking and non-windable 7S36 version. It is known to keep accurate time and serve the wearer for a long time.

The watch can be used for swimming and snorkeling as well as it sports a 100m (330ft) water resistance, which is more than enough for the majority of wearers.

Seiko Dress Watches

Besides the famous line-up of dive watches, Seiko is also an excellent source for dress wristwatches, which you can wear with suits, tuxedos, and smart shirts. 

What makes the Seiko dress watch category special, though, is the broader choice of movements when typical quartz and automatic watches are joined by solar and Kinetic movement timepieces.

Seiko Kinetic SRN062

Model: SRN062
Movement: Kinetic
Case Size: 42mm

Elegant watch with blue dial and Kinetic movement

It was in 1988 when Seiko introduced the world’s first Kinetic movement timepiece. A watch that runs on quartz timekeeping but receives its energy from the kinetic movement is a unique combination of quartz and automatic mechanisms.

The Seiko Kinetic SRN062 is one of the best examples of this type. As an excellent dress watch, it comes with a blue analog dial that features a classy weekday window, taking up a decent amount of space. 

The rose-gold color on the 42mm stainless steel case adds creative spirit compared to the typical silver-toned pieces on the market. That specialty is combined with a fitting black leather strap. 

The Kinetic movement powering the watch receives its energy from the wearer’s natural motion while providing an accurate quartz timekeeping function. When the capacitor that accumulates the energy is full, the wristwatch can run for up to four years in hibernation without any additional motion applied to it.

The rich details, imperishable components, and luxurious quality make it a perfect addition to any collection and one of the top Seiko pieces one can have.

Seiko Classic Watch SNDC31

Model: SNDC31
Movement: Quartz Chronograph
Case Size: 40mm   

Classic beige analog watch with brown leather strap

The Seiko SNDC31 is a timeless classic with its polished stainless steel casing and genuine brown leather strap.

The case size of 40mm and thickness at 10mm make it a perfect dress watch, enabling it to slip under the sleeve smoothly.

In terms of appearance, the dial has a beige coloring that goes well with the silver-toned surroundings. In addition, the crocodile-embossed strap all but complements the watch’s professional appeal and is one of the highlights of this Seiko. 

A great additional feature in the ticker is a stopwatch feature that measures from 1/20th second up to 60 minutes. 

Although a stopwatch is typically available in casual and sporty timepieces and doesn’t go well with dress watches, it will not be a problem with this Seiko due to its modest design.

Seiko Solar Dress SNE361

Model: SNE361
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 43mm   

one of the best watches for suits from Seiko

If you want a classic watch for your suit, the Seiko Solar SNE361 is a spot-on choice.

The dress watch has a simple analog face free of crowding elements, with only the three-hand movement and a modest day-date function being represented. The tone of the dial is black with an elegant texture and a circle running through the hour indices. 

The best bit with this Seiko is its solar quartz movement capable of holding a magnificent 12-month power reserve when fully charged. It ensures you won’t have to worry about the watch running empty of charge when not constantly being worn.

A finesse-adding extra that comes with this Seiko is the polished and light-toned case and band, making the watch sleek and way more expensive than it is.  

Seiko Presage Brown Watch SRPB46

Model: SRPB46
Movement: 4R35 Automatic
Case Size: 40.5mm   

Automatic dress piece from Seiko

The Seiko Presage SRPB46 is a one-of-a-kind timepiece with a brown sunburst dial and bronze case. The watch belongs to the cult Cocktail Time collection that has received inspiration from Shinobu Ishigaki, one of the world’s best mixologists. 

This Seiko Presage is a bang-on wearable for business formal and business casual attire, especially if you wear a brown belt and brown shoes. Its dimensions favor formal outfits as well, with its 41mm case diameter and 12.7mm height. 

Inside the bronze-tone case runs a 4R35 automatic movement with hacking and manual winding functionalities. The caliber has a classic 21,600 bph frequency, meaning the second’s hand takes six steps in a second. 

All in all, for around four hundred bucks, the Seiko Presage SRPB46 provides unique and elegant appeal that is coupled with utmost reliability.  

Seiko Chronograph Watches

Seiko chronograph watches range from elegant to ultra-sporty models, offering the best of both worlds. 

Unlike most manufacturers, Seiko tends to keep the sizes of its chronograph timepieces at around 40-42mm, which is on the smaller end of the specter for this particular type. The watches covered below follow the same pattern, with few exceptions.

Seiko Flight Chronograph Watch SNA411

Model: SNA411
Movement: Quartz Chronograph
Case Size: 42mm

One of the best Seiko timepieces with detail-rich dial

Seiko doesn’t produce many aviator timepieces, but this Flight Chronograph SNA411 firmly belongs among the best affordable pilot watches you can buy. 

The first striking attribute that instantly sticks out is the plentiful black dial full of indices and markings. It’s nothing but a comprehensive bezel slide rule for various measurements and conversions, including those applicable to flying. 

The Japanese quartz movement is enclosed in a 42mm stainless steel case with a bidirectional gear-edge bezel and a three-button design. The steel link bracelet has a fold-over push-button clasp and safety closure to prevent it from unintentionally bursting open.

Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal covers the watch’s face, while luminous hands provide visibility in dim conditions. 

Many owners claim that for the money paid, this Seiko SNA411 doesn’t lag in looks and quality compared to similar models from way more expensive brands they own, such as Omega and Breitling.

If you wish to know more about this timepiece, feel free to visit our Seiko SNA411 review.

Seiko Solar Chronograph SSC143

Model: SSC143
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 42.5mm

Dark metal watch with black dial

This black ion-finished stainless steel Seiko SSC143 watch runs on solar quartz movement, providing convenience as well as fashionable looks. 

The black dial and dark-colored band make it a masculine piece, and since it is coupled with a stopwatch function, it becomes a perfect piece for an active man. 

The chronograph measures up to 60 minutes and is displayed on the three subdials. The tachymeter you’ll typically find from the bezel is, in this case, placed on the outer ring of the dial.

The hands and markers of this Seiko are luminous, so finding yourself in the dark and in need of a time update won’t be a problem. It won’t be an issue to go for a swim either as the water resistance is guaranteed to 10 ATM.

And as we started to talk about problem-free characteristics, the solar-powered movement ensures a battery-free life and a power reserve for up to six months.

Seiko Dress Chronograph SNN241

Model: SNN241
Movement: Quartz Chronograph
Case Size: 42mm

Classic brown dress watch with sub-dials

Although the Seiko SNN241 is not necessarily a classic dress watch but instead pays homage to both military and pilot watches, it nevertheless has the makings of a stylish timepiece for (semi-)professional occasions. 

The prime highlight of this model is the dark-brownish look that beams from the dial and contrast-stitched leather band. The case is of high-quality stainless steel that features a three-pusher design for the chronograph function. The stopwatch measures up to 60 minutes and is displayed on two subdials at six and twelve o’clock. 

The case is of modest size at 42mm, being neither small nor large. Morever, the watch is water-resistant to 10 ATM and runs on an accurate Japanese quartz movement.

Considering the low price, it’s a watch that every man can proudly wear.

Seiko Chronograph SSB097

Model: SSB097P1
Movement: Quartz Chronograph
Case Size: 42mm

One of the best Seiko chronograph watches with durable construction

This Seiko Chronograph SSB097 is an elegant chronograph watch with versatile nature. Not overly large, with a 42mm case diameter, it fits perfectly to the majority of wrist sizes and shapes. 

This timepiece’s prime feature is the chronograph function with two subdials and the stopwatch’s second hand on the main dial. In contrast, the regular timekeeping seconds run on the bottom window. A tachymeter on the bezel becomes handy when particular time and distance intervals need evaluating.

The SSB097 is powered by an accurate Japanese quartz movement and is water-resistant to 100m (330ft). The reliability assuring features are the stainless steel case and Hardlex crystal that withstand all kinds of knocks and falls.  

Although the watch carries the sporty stopwatch feature, it suits well for various other occasions too. For example, combining professional looks or casual clothing with that timepiece would not look out of place at all.

Seiko SSB301 Blue Chronograph Watch

Model: SSB301P1
Movement: Quartz Chronograph
Case Size: 44mm

A blue Seiko watch with chronograph feature

When typical Seiko watches stay true to classy appeal with a small amount of flair-adding elements, it cannot be said about the Seiko SSB301

The chronograph-equipped ticker sports a fashionable dial with multi-layered texture and eye-catching blue and yellow tones. In terms of size, the SSB301 is bigger than most Seiko watches with its 44mm diameter. Therefore, make sure your wrists accept the above-average dimensions. 

When it comes to the functionality of this Seiko, you can expect a very accurate stopwatch feature that measures in 1/5-second increments on the main counter. In addition, a fine touch has also been put to the 24-hour subdial where the counter is of a half a circle shape and the hours are indicated by two different watch hands.

In terms of quality, the watch is protected with Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal, water resistance stands at 100m (330ft), and the bracelet is made of durable stainless steel.  

All in all, for around a couple of hundred dollars, the Seiko SSB301 offers plenty of features and durability and, above all, very fashionable aesthetics that leaves nobody cold.

Coutura Watches

The Coutura collection consists of all-metal watches with contemporary designs. They are sporty, but on the other hand, sophisticated and elegant. 

Coutura watches are also notable for featuring two top-notch technologies – solar power and atomic time.

Seiko Coutura Radio Sync Solar

Model: SSG010 
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 45mm

Silver and gold toned solar radio watch

The Seiko Coutura SSG010 is a solar atomic watch that sports attractive looks with gold and silver tones on a stainless steel case and band.

This 45mm timepiece receives time adjustments several times at night via a radio-controlled receiver beneath the dial. The Coutura SSG010 is also a bang-on travel watch when the bezel comes with 25 timezones that you can switch between when traveling.

Solar watches have always been the thing of Seiko. The panel behind the high-quality sapphire crystal absorbs all kinds of light and converts it into electrical energy. The unused power is stored in a capacitor that can hold a charge for up to six months when fully charged.

A subtle aesthetic feature adding to the overall attractive appeal is the stopwatch function with three well-placed subdials that measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5-second increments.

Seiko Coutura Radio Sync SSG019

Model: SSG019 
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 45mm

Solar atomic Seiko watch with sky blue dial

When the gold and silver Coutura with a black face is not your cup of tea, you can consider the following Seiko Coutura SSG019

The watch strikes with a patterned sky blue dial full of various features for a frequent traveler. For example, you can set a different timezone on the main dial while keeping the home time on the bottom subdial.

Also, you’ll have a neat day feature on the left-hand side of the face and a date window opposite that. 

Besides the functions, the Seiko Coutura is accurate to atomic precision almost everywhere in the world. On top of that, the watch charges itself from any kind of light and never requires any battery replacements. 

You can also expect this Seiko to stay unharmed even in extreme conditions due to the existence of a sapphire crystal and a very sturdy stainless steel case and bracelet.

Seiko Coutura Solar Diamond SNE506

Model: SNE506 
Movement: Solar Quartz
Case Size: 42.5mm

One of the fanciest Seiko timepieces with diamonds

Our last timepiece among the best Seiko watches is the fanciest of them all. Namely, the Seiko Coutura SNE506 is covered with 15 miniature diamonds on the hour markers. They are the real-deal diamonds that are sure to catch glimpses.  

Besides the diamonds, the watch has other glaring elements. For instance, the narrow bezel ring comes in a golden tone, as does the cabochon crown and watch hands. The golden elements are paired with a black ion-finished bracelet, resulting in a truly appealing and fashionable timepiece.

As with all the Coutura watches, the SNE506 offers a solar charging capability, ensuring carefree upkeep and an always-running mechanism.

However, what this Coutura piece doesn’t have is atomic timekeeping. Instead, it runs on a classic quartz movement with an accuracy of about +/- 15 seconds a month.

FAQ About Seiko Watches

Now that we’ve listed the best Seiko watches, your decision of picking out the most suitable one should be a whole lot easier.

However, if you’re still in doubt over the brand, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions regarding Seiko.

Q: Is Seiko a Good Brand?

Seiko is not only a good brand but an excellent manufacturer of affordable timepieces. Their higher-end models are often compared to premium Swiss watches in terms of durability, reflecting the reputation Seiko possesses in the industry and among buyers.

Q: Are Seiko Watches Expensive?

Considering the quality, Seiko watches are not expensive. A reliable and accurate Seiko is available for less than $500, which is about twice less than an average Swiss watch at the same quality levels. In fact, Seiko’s automatic watches are considered to be the cheapest high-quality self-winding timepieces.

Q: Is Seiko Better Than Citizen?

The two brands are both respected Japanese watch manufacturers that emphasize different approaches. While Seiko produces top-notch affordable automatic timepieces, then Citizen provides the best solar watches. Thus, Seiko is better than Citizen in automatic wristwear, whereas Citizen excels in solar-powered wristwatches.

Q: How Long Do Seiko Watches Last?

Seiko watches can last up to decades when adequately taken care of. It’s no secret that every timepiece needs servicing. Therefore, if you wish your Seiko piece to last for 10+ years, make sure you maintain it according to the manual.

Q: Is Seiko a Luxury Brand?

No, Seiko is an affordable watch brand that is far from luxury. However, that doesn’t mean they produce below-par wristwatches. Affordable watches can also be of high quality, and Seiko is the living proof of that.

Final Words

The watches we’ve presented to you belong to the best Seiko watches a man can have. From classic analog to professional diver’s and pilot’s watches, the array of styles a watch-admiring male can choose from is vast.

Without a doubt, Seiko’s dive and automatic pieces are the most appreciated, but other types should definitely not be underestimated. Whatever the selection is, the owner of a Seiko timepiece can rest assured that the reliability is of the highest standard.

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