10 Best Luminous Watches that Glow in the Dark

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It’s not difficult to find a watch with luminosity these days due to the relatively low cost of the various lighting technologies. However, not all the watches glow the same when one lights up the night while the other offers only a faint lume barely visible to the eye.

If you’re after a timepiece that offers top-notch self-illumination, then follow our shortlist of the best luminous watches, where we’ve compiled the brightest and the most long-lasting men’s luminous wristwatches currently available.

best luminous watches

How Did We Choose the Watches?

There are thousands of luminous watches, but not all are of good quality. Therefore, to bring you the best selection, we considered the following prerequisites.

1) Strong and long glow – A luminous watch is not luminous if it doesn’t glow strong enough and lasts only an hour or two. So what it must have is a bright and long-term lume. The watches on this list tick the boxes for both of the prerequisites.  

2) Overall quality of watches – One thing with luminous watches is the quality of the lume. But if the watch itself fails, you won’t be enjoying the feature as much as you should. Therefore, we considered the overall quality of the watches as an essential prerequisite. We took into account the construction, the type of crystal, and the movement.

3) Owners’ feedback – Lastly, we considered the feedback from actual wearers. The more broad-based the opinions, the better is the whole picture of whether the watch makes the heart beat faster or not.

Top Luminous Watches

Now that you know what we considered for coming up with this list, it is time to proceed to the best luminous watches with the brightest and longest glow in the dark.

We’ve chosen ten watches from various manufacturers to give you a broad overview of the top brands that are worth pursuing if the best lume is what you’re after. 

Here they are!

Luminox EVO Navy Seal Watch

One of the best hunting watches from Luminox

Case Size: 44mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Type of Luminosity: Tritium

The Luminox brand, which means “bright night” in Latin, was established precisely to provide watches with unparalleled luminosity. It’s far from an exaggeration to state they’ve achieved in doing that when every Luminox timepiece is equipped with T25 tritium tubes that will glow for up to 25 years.

The Luminox EVO Navy Seal Watch, which we chose out of the extensive line-up the brand offers, is one of the top watches not only because of the fantastic tritium lume but also because of its superb build quality

Namely, the watch case is made from a lightweight and scratch-resistant carbon compound called Carbonox. Unlike stainless steel, the substance is also resistant to temperature changes, meaning it doesn’t get hot or cold. These characteristics make this Luminox watch an ideal companion for severe conditions outside. 

Furthermore, the Luminox watch comes 200m water-resistant and features a one-way rotating bezel and screw-down crown. It means you can submerge it to depths without worrying about ruining it. 

Swiss made Luminox timepiece with glowing hands and markers

But coming back to the luminosity we mentioned earlier, it is on every hour marker and hand. In addition, a small tritium tube has also been placed on the top of the bezel. The glow is constant but not as strong as with typical luminous paints. This is the onliest disadvantage the tritium lume has compared to other light technologies.

One of the features that would’ve made this Luminox almost perfect is the sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, it comes with mineral glass.

Although it’s not anything sub-par when numerous excellent timepieces feature it, it is still not as scratch and impact-resistant as sapphire. For a “Navy Seal watch,” sapphire crystal would’ve made sense.

Regardless, the Luminox EVO Navy Seal is a through-and-through rugged outdoor watch that offers magnificent luminosity.

Why we chose it: Because of its combination of Swiss quality and tritium luminosity.

Seiko Prospex Monster SRPD25

self-illuminating dive watch from Seiko

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Automatic 4R36
Type of Luminosity: LumiBrite

When it comes to fluorescent lighting technologies, Seiko, with its LumiBrite innovation, is the best value-for-money option for top-notch self-illuminating watches.

The vast majority of Seiko watches, especially the dive ones, come with a very bright lume. However, one watch is considered the best by many in terms of brightness – the Seiko Prospex Monster

The luminescent hour markers are dimensionally larger and thicker than in other Seiko pieces, which enables them to offer plenty of glow, too. In addition, the luminescent layers on watch hands are equally thick, so there won’t be any mismatch between the luminance of hands and hour indices. 

Unlike several other Seiko watches that come with a greenish lume, this timepiece has a subtle bluish tone.

The reason the Seiko Monster is equipped with such high-quality luminosity is that it’s a professional dive watch. Hence, it possesses an ISO 6425 standard, a one-way rotating bezel, and a screw-down crown at a convenient 4 o’clock position. You’ll also find an appreciated domed Hardlex crystal covering the dial.

The heart of the watch belongs to a 4R36 automatic movement – it keeps good accuracy and works like a charm when adequately taken care of. The caliber can also be hacked (the seconds’ hand stops) and manually wound, which is always appreciated in an automatic caliber.

For less than $400, the Seiko Prospex Monster offers qualities you typically find from a watch that costs twice the money. Also, due to its versatile appearance, you can wear it for several other events, whether it be a job or a night out with friends.

If this watch is not your cup of tea, you can also check out the Seiko SKX007 and the Seiko Tuna SNE543. These two are similarly priced and famous for their luminosity.    

Why we chose it: Because it has one of the strongest fluorescent lumes for the price.

Marathon Tsar Watch

One of the best luminous watches with tritium tubes

Case Size: 41mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Type of Luminosity: Tritium

Marathon is a Swiss-made brand dedicated to producing rugged army and survival watches. The brand’s timepieces follow the specifications of the U.S. Government for use by military personnel. So, you can expect excellent built quality but also magnificent luminosity. 

The Marathon Tsar Watch is equipped with tritium tubes that constantly glow for up to decades. The distinctive green color of the lume can be found on the hands, hour markers, and bezel, while the twelve o’clock marker comes in orange.

The Tsar watch is designed for Search and Rescue operations at sea, which means it is resistant to water pressure. In fact, the resistance is guaranteed to be 300m (1,000ft). With such resistance, the Tsar is also a top-notch professional dive piece for mixed gas diving.

A positive surprise with this Marathon watch is the oversized crown that is highly convenient to operate. It is something you typically don’t pay much attention to when dealing with watches. However, once you get to handle a large and smooth crown such as this one, you start to appreciate it. 

Marathon 41mm Diver's Quartz (TSAR) Swiss Made Military Issue Milspec Watch with Tritium Illumination (US Government Markings, Black Rubber SAR Strap Collection)

In terms of movement, the timepiece runs on a 3-jewel high-torque Swiss quartz caliber with an end-of-life indicator, ensuring perfect accuracy and the convenience of knowing when the battery starts to run out.

However, considering the price this watch is sold for, we hoped to find an automatic caliber instead of the quartz movement. Nevertheless, the Marathon Tsar is one sturdy piece that will light up the night and offer unparalleled quality.

Although the price tag of around $1,000 is the heftiest on this list, the Marathon Tsar is one sturdy piece that will light up the night and offer unparalleled quality.    

Why we chose it: Because of the tritium luminosity and military-grade construction.

Citizen Promaster Nighthawk BJ7000-52E

one of the best Citizen watches for men

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Solar quartz
Type of Luminosity: Fluorescent lume

The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk represents the highly appreciated pilot watch collection the Japanese manufacturer has produced for decades. Since luminosity is one of the prerequisites for a proper pilot wearable, you can expect decent quality from someone like Citizen. 

Unlike most manufacturers, the Citizen brand uses its own proprietary compound for illumination. The bluish tint of it makes it a blow of fresh air among the luminescent timepieces that typically come in green color. And, above all, the strength of the lume, especially with this model, is excellent.    

The 42mm Nighthawk features a stylish black dial with a neat sliding pilot’s rule bezel. The inner bezel ring is operated by the extra crown at the 8 o’clock position. The bezel enables one to make several calculations. Although 99.99% of pilots never use it, it is still a fully applicable addition and, most of all, a visual treat in a timepiece.

Citizen timepiece among the best luminous watches

Complementing the valuable features and masculine aesthetics is the powerful Eco-Drive solar movement that has become almost a standard in Citizen watches these days. The watch charges from any light, natural or artificial, while the rechargeable cell can hold energy for up to six months. 

Feel free to read more about the way solar-powered watches work.

If there’s one thing to complain about this watch, it would be the crystal. Although mineral glass is not low-quality in itself, it’s the construction of the watch that doesn’t support its use. 

Namely, since the timepiece doesn’t have a raised rim surrounding the crystal, it tends to receive scratches far too easily.

If there was sapphire, not a mineral, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem due to the fact that sapphire is almost scratch-resistant. Therefore, the Citizen Nighthawk isn’t exactly a beater watch you drag through severe conditions.

If you prefer dive watches over pilot wristwear, you should check out the Citizen BN0150-28E and BJ8050-08E models. They offer equally bright luminosity as this Nighthawk.

Why we chose it: The watch has an eye-catching bluish luminosity and charges itself entirely from light.

Isobrite Valor Series Tritium Watch

T100 tritium watch with black case and dial

Case Size: 39.5mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Type of Luminosity: Tritium

One of the best self-illumination technologies comes from a brand called Isobrite. The manufacturer has kept a relatively low profile by not going overly commercial, catering to a specific segment of buyers that want the best luminosity out of their timepieces. 

The Isobrite Valor is one of the watches from the brand equipped with astonishing T100 tritium tubes you won’t find from many producers. Such tubes exceed the typical T25s by nearly four times in terms of lume strength and will last twice the time, approximately 50 years.     

The watch is sporty with a carbon fiber reinforced case, a uniquely designed bezel, and a rubber strap. The black dial is combined with green tritium hour markers and watch hands, and the orange color of the 12-hour marker. Eventually, the outcome is an authentic tool watch perfect in pitch-black lighting conditions.

Quality-wise, you can expect durable materials – the dial is protected with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, timekeeping runs on a Swiss quartz caliber, and water resistance is guaranteed with a 200m (660ft) rating.

Overall, the Isobrite Valor resembles much of the Luminox EVO Navy Seal we covered earlier. Although it’s not as famous, it offers brighter and longer lume.

Why we chose it: The watch features T100 tritium tubes that glow for up to 50 years.

Traser P59 Tritium

Swiss-made tritium lume watch with blue strap

Case Size: 37mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Type of Luminosity: Tritium & Super-LumiNova

The Traser P59 Tritium Lume Watch is a Swiss-made tactical timepiece with a straightforward build. It doesn’t have any redundant design elements or features of no use.

But what it does have is a highly durable construction with ever-glowing tritium luminosity, making it one of the best-glowing watches around.

This Traser piece has two lighting technologies – the T25 tubes are present in watch hands and 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock hour markers, while the rest of the hour numbers and indices consist of Super-LumiNova.

The watch has been built for rugged outdoor activities. As such, the crystal is of anti-reflective sapphire, the case comes in stainless steel, and the straps are classic NATO-style. You can also expect its suitability for long hours in the water due to the 100m (330ft) water resistance. 

The Traser P59 runs on a Swiss quartz movement that powers the three-hand set and the date function. The window is a bit small for instant date capture but, on the other hand, comes with a contrasting white background that helps to separate out the date.

Though there’s one thing you should pay attention to, specifically – it is the size of the watch. It measures 37mm in diameter, which is below the average size of a watch. Therefore, consider other options if your wrists measure above the average (7.3in).

All in all, with a price tag of around a couple of hundred bucks, the Traser P59 is an excellent value-for-money proposition for anyone appreciating classic military style and ultimate convenience.

Why we chose it: The Traser P59 combines two luminescence technologies.

Orient Kamasu Red

Red automatic watch under 500

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Automatic F6922
Type of Luminosity: LumiBrite

The Orient Kamasu is a classic dive watch with an eye-catching burgundy red dial that gives a pleasant hue under the lighting. However, appealing aesthetics is only one facet of this marvelous timepiece.

Being a dive watch, the construction, as well as the features, make this Orient a wearable hard to say no to. 

First of all, it features LumiBrite luminescence. The large hour markers and watch hands have several layers of lume applied, so after light exposure, the brightness is intense and lasts for up to 8 hours. 

Secondly, the Kamasu runs on an F6922 automatic caliber that can be halted and manually wound. For a couple of hundred dollars, the existence of a self-winding mechanism that hacks and hand-winds is a real bargain. So not only do you have to worry about battery replacements, but you’ll also get to enjoy the sweeping motion of the second’s hand. 

And lastly, the construction is safeguarded with a 200m (660ft) water resistance, meaning you can use it for heavy-duty water activities, including recreational diving. Of course, all the other typical features of a genuine dive piece are also present, such as the screw-down crown, one-way rotating bezel, and screwable caseback.

Orient watch with a box next to it

Oh, I already forgot – the Kamasu comes with sapphire crystal as well, which makes the already great value-for-money proposition even greater.

However, aesthetically, there’s one thing that doesn’t do good to the watch – the small crown. If it had been bigger, the watch would have looked almost spotless.   

For a thorough insight into the watch, visit our hands-on Orient Kamasu review.

The Kamasu line consists of several other great watches that provide a nice lume. For example, there is a blue-dialed model that offers classic dive watch aesthetics. Also, be sure to check out the emerald green Kamasu that is sure to stick out from the crowd.

Why we chose it: The Kamasu is the best automatic watch for $200 that also boasts excellent fluorescent luminosity for the money.

Casio Pro Trek PRG600-YB-3CR

A top watch for hunting with ana-digi dial

Case Size: 52mm
Movement: Solar quartz
Type of Luminosity: NeoBrite

Casio is best known for digital watches with LED lighting. However, there is still a plethora of timepieces that are either entirely or partly equipped with electroluminescent paints. One such watch is the Pro Trek PRG600-YB-3CR.

This analog-digital sports watch has a greenish lume, which is not quite as strong as in LumiBrite watches but will do the job just perfectly. Coupling the luminescence is a LED light bulb at the bottom of the dial that ensures the watch is highly legible in the dark. 

The prime feature of this Pro Trek is the ABC function, which allows the wearer to gauge heights, air pressure, temperature, and direction. All the functions are easily accessible through dedicated push buttons on both sides of the case. The results are visible either on the small digital screen or via the second hand. 

On top of the fantastic features is a Tough Solar system that charges the battery whenever presented with light. When fully charged, you can expect the watch to last for months.

Why we chose it: Because the watch combines a nice conventional lume with LED lighting.

Victorinox Night Vision Watch 

A gunmetal Victorinox with Swiss-quality luminosity

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Type of Luminosity: Super-LumiNova & LED

The Victorinox Night Vision Watch, as the name already hints, is equipped with powerful luminosity for enhancing readability in the dark. 

The watch features three lighting modes that can easily be switched through a special button on the left side of the case. A single push activates a soft blue LED light on the dial for six seconds, two pushes work out as a flashlight, and three pushes are a Signal/SOS mode. 

In addition, the watch hands and hour markers come with luminescent paint. However, with the night vision feature so dominant, one can almost forget the existence of electroluminescence. Still, it is a nice addition to an already fully illuminated watch.

The appearance of this Victorinox is versatile – it can be worn outdoors as much as indoors. It comes in a gunmetal-tone and features a black dial with chronograph subdials. Hence, it is a very masculine timepiece with its dominating dark tone.

The only downside to this Victorinox is that it won’t come cheap when the price far exceeds the $500 mark.

Why we chose it: Because of the various lighting modes on top of the Super-LumiNova.

Timex Expedition

Timex watch among the cheapest luminous timepieces

Case Size: 45mm
Movement: Japanese quartz
Type of Luminosity: Lume + Indiglo

We finish the list with a recognized timepiece among outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a very affordable one with a price well below the $100 mark.

Although the Timex Expedition is fitted with luminescence in watch hands, it’s the world-famous greenish-blue Indiglo backlight that takes center stage here. 

By simply pushing the crown, the electroluminescent panel behind the dial casts an even luminosity and makes time readings convenient even in the dimmest of conditions.   

Quality-wise, Timex watches have consistently exceeded expectations. Therefore, the employment of mineral glass and brass case is not that much of a problem actually. Further, the timepiece has a rugged design with a fixed bezel that withstands daily wear and tear.

All in all, the Timex Expedition is an easy-to-read beater watch for everyday wear. 

Why we chose it: Because of the famous Indiglo backlight.

Luminescence Technologies

Not all watches come with the same luminescence technology. In fact, there are several of them. They all have their pros and cons, so make sure to evaluate them in order to end up with the most appropriate luminous watch right according to your needs.

Tritium Luminosity

Luminous watches with tritium luminosity are probably the most sought-after because of the endless glow that could reach up to several decades. The technology doesn’t require any batteries or frequent light exposure, making it an utterly convenient type of luminosity.

One of the downsides, however, is the brightness of the lume when it tends to be fainter compared to other technologies. The lume’s strength can not be enhanced either due to the specifics of the technology. 

The working principle of tritium luminosity is down to a glass tube that is internally coated with phosphorus powder and filled with tritium gas. Phosphorus is a luminescent material, so placing it together with tritium which is radioactive ensures a long-lasting luminous effect.     

Luminova & Super-LumiNova

When tritium luminosity doesn’t require any light to glow, fluorescent technologies heavily depend on that. 

Luminova and Super-LumiNova, the most famous and widely employed fluorescent lumes, are basically the same things. The only difference is that the abbreviation of Super indicates a Swiss-made quality, whereas simply Luminova is an international product. 

The luminosity is achieved through a non-radioactive and nontoxic luminous material painted on watch hands and hour markers. The more layers of the paint, the better the glow, eventually. But, unfortunately, more of them also means a higher price. So, many brands have opted for only one layer of paint.

The most significant advantage of the technology is the possibility of a very bright glow when more than one layer of paint is applied. However, the biggest con is that it requires frequent light exposure for it to glow brightly. On average, the lume lasts between 2-8 hours.       


LumiBrite is also a fluorescent material, sharing the same characteristics as Luminova and Super-LumiNova. However, you’ll only find LumiBrite from the Seiko corporation brands Seiko, Orient, Pulsar, and Lorus since it was developed by Seiko in 1995.   

Luminous watches with that technology have a long output duration and strong glow intensity, comparable to multi-layered Luminova and Super-Luminova timepieces.


NeoBrite is a luminescence technology found in most Casio watches. It is comparable to LumiBrite for being bright and long-lasting, providing glow for 5-8 hours and requiring only 10-15 minutes of light exposure for getting fully charged. 

Closing Words

As you can see, several watch manufacturers equip their timepieces with bright and long-lasting luminescence. The crowd’s favorites have long been Luminox and Seiko, which offer outstanding longevity and brightness, respectively. But if you’re not a fan of either, no need to worry because any timepiece out of the best luminous watches we’ve covered in this post will serve you well in the dark.

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Details

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