15 Best Bulova Watches for Men in 2022

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Bulova is an American watch brand that has gone down in the history books with several landmarks in horology. The first-ever official TV advert in 1941, the most accurate wristwatch back in the 1960s, and the watch worn by an astronaut on the Moon all belong among Bulova’s achievements.

But what makes the brand even more admirable is its continuing concentration on providing something spectacular from time to time, be it technological innovation or unique design solution.

Best Bulova watches for men

That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the best Bulova watches for men so that you wouldn’t miss out on such visually enchanting and innovational masterpieces. 

Reasons to Buy Bulova Watches

But first of all, let’s go through some of the reasons anyone should buy a Bulova watch. 

Also, you can make use of our Bulova brand review for more information about this American manufacturer.

Glorious History

The brand holds a renowned reputation in the watch industry. The highest credit goes to the Bulova Accutron, which became the most accurate timepiece at the beginning of the 1960s and one of the first electronic watches ever made. 

The watch’s unique electronic tuning fork at the base of timekeeping resulted in a smoothly sweeping second hand and a humming sound.

Another landmark for the watchmaker has also been the Bulova Chronograph, one of the first watches to be worn on the Moon. Although the fact became known to the public several decades later, it nevertheless proves the reliability of Bulova watches and how far the watches can actually go. 

Bulova also gained popularity with never-before-seen marketing strategies with the first-ever watch commercial in 1926 and the first-ever official TV advert in 1941.

Though, the history of a watch brand alone doesn’t guarantee the quality of its timepieces. Fortunately, Bulova offers more than just glorious achievements.

Unique Innovations

Bulova doesn’t rest on its laurels when the manufacturer catches the eye with unique innovations every once in a while.

In 2010, for example, the brand came out with the Precisionist watches that ran on high-frequency quartz movements, featured smoothly sweeping second hand, and were accurate to an astonishing 10 seconds a year. The timepieces are widely available to this day and are some of the most sought-after from Bulova. 

You’ll also find unique curved chronograph watches from Bulova’s line-up, called the CURV watches. These timepieces are the world’s first that come with curve-shaped chronograph movements. The watches are also equipped with high-frequency quartzes with excellent accuracy.

Extravagant Watches

Another reason to buy Bulova watches, besides the illustrious history and eye-catching innovations, is the extravagant design that comes with the wide selection of timepieces. 

All the way from 8-hand chronographs and classic dress watches to rose gold-toned dive-inspired tickers and skeleton watches – the brand seems to cover every imaginable facet of extravagance one can come up with. And the extravagance isn’t excessive or tasteless like it mostly happens with so many brands.

Whichever watch you go for, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Favorable Prices

The best part with Bulova watches is that they are available for very favorable prices, considering the brand’s prestige, unique innovations, and extravagance. 

Most watches will cost you between $100 and $600, with an average price of around $300.

The good news is that this price range also includes automatic watches. The movements originate from Miyota’s production and are reliable and accurate.   

Lastly, Bulova watches are guaranteed a 3-year limited warranty, exceeding the market average by a year. Clearly, it is an indication that the timepieces have been built to last. 

Best Bulova Watches

Now that the reasons for buying Bulova watches are clear, let’s head to the best models one can currently buy.

The article consists of top watches from several Bulova collections. We’ve included elegant dress pieces and historical models, as well as dazzling skeleton watches, to suit the vast array of preferences and tastes.

All the timepieces covered in this post possess an Amazon rating of at least 4.6 out of 5 from hundreds of verified buyers, which hints at the high quality and attention to detail these time-trackers come with.

Without further ado, here are the best Bulova models currently available.

Bulova Precisionist 96B158 Watch

Movement: UHF quartz
Case Size: 42mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

Black and silver Bulova watch with gliding second hand

We start the list with a great everyday watch that not only looks stunning but also provides a fantastic extra for the sub-$300 price tag.

The Bulova Precisionist 96B158 is unique for the ultra-high frequency (UHF) quartz caliber that vibrates at a rate of 262kHz, which is about eight times faster than typical quartzes. So, what does this enhancement offer?

First of all, the higher frequency guarantees better accuracy – a Precisionist watch deviates only around +/-10 seconds per year, as opposed to the same result in a month of a typical quartz watch. Also, the second’s hand glides instead of ticking, providing a smooth sweeping hand motion with its 16 ticks a second movement.

The appearance of this Bulova piece is also noteworthy. With the textured dial and silver-toned indices and hands, the watch gives an elegant yet casual impression, thus suiting various outfits and occasions. 

If we were to pick out some minor disadvantages, they would be the mineral glass instead of sapphire crystal and relatively low water-resistance of 30m (100ft).

Regardless of these cons, the Bulova Precisionist is still one of the best Bulova watches currently available, backed with a 4.8 rating from nearly 400 reviewers.

Bulova Precisionist 98B228 Watch

Movement: UHF quartz
Case Size: 47mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 300m (1,000ft)

Bulova Precisionist watch with sweep second hand

If the advantages of UHF quartz have started to fascinate you, but the dressy appeal of the previous Precisionist is not what you’re after, we’ve got a bulkier and more flamboyant option coming up next – the Bulova Precisionist 98B228

The watch features the same characteristics as does the 96B158 model – an astonishing accuracy and a perfect second hand gliding movement.

However, on top of that, it employs a 1/1000-precision chronograph function, along with a tachymeter bezel. Bulova’s Precisionist chronographs are on top of the game in terms of stopwatch precision. Therefore, it’s no wonder they’re considered as some of the best chronographs around.

Also, the water resistance reaches an excellent 300m (1,000ft), though the watch is not meant for professional diving, nor does it employ a unidirectional bezel (a fixed one instead).

Therefore, you can say that it is overly flashy in terms of specifications, which are to amaze rather than provide maximum exploitation.

On the other hand, when it comes to the appearance of this Bulova piece, the glitz is spot on. The dominating colors of silver, gold and black harmonize perfectly, while the red tints on a busy dial add uniqueness.

Moreover, the case measures 47mm in diameter, making it a spot-on big face watch for large wrists that is sure to catch attention.

Bulova offers several other oversized Precisionist watches. For example, you can check the gold-toned 97B178 with a black Cordura nylon strap and red accents on the dial. Also, there’s an option for a unique bronze-tone 97B186 with a blue dial and leather strap. Both these alternatives offer as much extravagance as this Bulova here.

Bulova Precisionist X 98B356

Movement: UHF quartz
Case Size: 44.5mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

an accurate Bulova watch with unique dial and rose-gold tone case

The Bulova Precisionist X is a special edition watch celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Precisionist. It has the same accuracy and the sweeping hand but differs in terms of looks, water resistance level, and crystal.

The first thing you will notice with this watch is the Damascus steel top ring insert on a rose-gold case. The unique combination surrounds an even more unique dial that comprises an unusual calendar feature counting days and months. 

As with most Precisionist watches, this one, too, has a 1/1000 chronograph function set on several subdials.

A nice update previously non-existent with the Precisionist line is the inclusion of a sapphire crystal instead of a mineral. As a result, the crystal scratches far less easily, if at all, and comes in a classy curved shape. 

However, what this Precisionist X doesn’t have is excellent water resistance when it comes with a modest 30m (100ft) rating. Therefore, be sure to protect it against water and stick to dry conditions only.

The good news is that this particular Precisionist X is not the onliest special edition model from this line-up.

For example, the 96B349 offers a more casual appearance with its silver case and bracelet and blue dial. You can also check the 98B358 model that has a masculine gunmetal-tone case, along with a black dial and rubber band. 

Both of these alternatives have the same specs, with the only difference being the color.

Bulova Moonwatch 96B251

Movement: UHF quartz
Case Size: 45mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 50m (165ft)

Bulova Moon watch with tachymeter bezel

Not many watches have had the opportunity to go the Moon, but one Bulova timepiece made it there. It was in 1971 when an American astronaut David Scott had his personal Bulova Chronograph on his wrist during one of the excursions of Apollo 15. 

The next top Bulova timepiece, the Moonwatch 96B251, is a remake of this historic time-tracker.

Like the previous three watches, this one also features a UHF quartz with unparalleled precision. The sweeping motion, though, is present only in the chronograph feature, while the second hand on one of the subdials has a twice-a-second step count.

The Moonwatch comes in a stainless steel case and employs a high-quality sapphire crystal that protects from scratches and reflections better than any other crystal. It also protrudes a little above the edge of the bezel, just like it did in the original Moonwatch in 1971. 

In terms of size, it can be called an oversized timepiece as it measures 45mm in diameter. However, it is not too large to be unsuitable for average wrists. If yours measures 7.3 inches or more in circumference, you should be okay. 

The watch isn’t anything spectacular in terms of water resistance with its 50m rating. Still, it is more than enough for daily water exposure.

All in all, the Bulova Moonwatch is an iconic timepiece with great specs and a remarkable vintage appearance.

Bulova Marine Star 98B104

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 44mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

One of the best Bulova watches with great water-resistance

While wearing a Moonwatch for swimming may not be the best of ideas, it can’t be said about the Bulova Marine Star 98B104. The watch out of the dive-inspired collection comes 100m (330ft) water-resistant, suiting conveniently for swimming, showering, and snorkeling. 

Though, it is worth noting that this Marine Star watch doesn’t possess a one-way rotating bezel for measuring elapsed time underwater. Neither does it possess ISO certification.

Therefore, it isn’t an ideal timepiece to be worn for professional diving. If you wish to have a genuine dive watch, check out the Bulova Sea King 98B243 – a discontinued model that is still available on Amazon.

However, the shortages don’t mean the watch is useless for other causes and occasions. Quite the contrary, especially if you consider the aesthetics of this 98B104 model. 

A rose-gold toned 44mm stainless steel case is the primary character that makes it so sought-after. Elegance is also reflected in the guilloche dial, where Roman numerals and three subdials give an impression of a much pricier timepiece than it actually is.

As a result, this Bulova Marine Star is more of a dress watch for casual and smart casual wear rather than a sporty dive chronograph, which, in my opinion, is not a bad thing at all.

Bulova Oceanographer “Devil Diver” 98B320

Movement: Automatic 821D
Case Size: 44mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 200m (660ft)

A vintage Bulova dive watch with Pepsi bezel

While the Marine Star collection is made up of desk-divers, there’s one particular Bulova line that offers professional-grade divers. Meet the Oceanographer.

The watch is a remake of the original Bulova Oceanographer from the 1970s but has maintained some of the vintage vibes, seen mainly from the text font. The nickname Devil Diver comes from the 666 (feet) imprinted on the dial, which refers to the infamous Antichrist symbol.

The Devil Diver is highly water-resistant with a 200m rating, a screw-down crown, and a screwable caseback. The bezel surrounding the dial moves in one direction for capturing the exact time measurement underwater, while the hands and hour markers have bright and long-lasting luminosity. 

The heart of the watch belongs to the Miyota 821D caliber with 21 jewel bearings and 42 hours of power reserve. The mechanism is hand-windable, and the newer versions come with a hack feature as well. The movement is reliable and holds nice accuracy.

What makes this Bulova watch especially eye-catching is that it comes in a turtle case and has a Pepsi bezel. Therefore, this Devil Diver is a combination of a Seiko Turtle and Seiko SKX009 but with a vintage touch.

You can also check out other Oceanographer watches, such as the green 96B322 and orange-toned 96B350. They offer an even more distinctive appearance than the Pepsi version and make excellent statement watches.

Bulova Classic Watch 96A133

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 41mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

Classic Bulova dress watch with silver dial

The Bulova Classic 96A133 belongs among the best Bulova watches for the reason of possessing an excellent price-quality ratio and being a spot-on watch for suits and other smart outfits.

The timepiece that costs well below $200 features a reliable and accurate Miyota quartz movement. The case of this Bulova is of polished stainless steel and is decently sized at 41mm, which makes it suitable for various wrist shapes and sizes.

Another noteworthy characteristic you get with this watch is the ultra-thin 6mm case profile, making it one of the best slim watches for the money.  

Roman numerals and slim profiles have always combined well with smarter outfits. Therefore, go for this Bulova quartz watch if your work or hobbies include wearing smart shirts, suits, or tuxedos. 

All things considered, it’s a simple, classic timepiece with great legibility and accuracy. And although the watch misses the appreciated date window, it’s only a small letdown compared to other characteristics the 96A133 offers.

Bulova Classic Gold Watch 97B169

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 46.5mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

An expensive-looking golden Bulova watch

Golden watches have always drawn men with their luxurious and expensive appeal. The same adjectives also apply to the Bulova Classic Gold watch – it looks way more expensive than the price tag suggests.

For a little more than three hundred bucks, the watch comes with a well-balanced golden tone of the case and hour numbers and a domed mineral glass that all add to the luxuriousness beaming from this Bulova. 

On top of the visual pleasance, the watch has some useful features as well, such as the stopwatch function and tachymeter ring.

In fact, the chronograph is not simply a 1-second increment stopwatch with visually pleasant subdials. Instead, it measures in 1/20-second precision and has central seconds. So, the Bulova 97B169 is actually a considerably good chronograph watch that performs equally well with the top models.    

However, one thing to look out for is the size of the watch. Namely, it measures 46.5mm in diameter, which requires above-average wrists to take on these dimensions.

If you’re not the biggest fan of golden watches but you like the design of this particular timepiece, check out the silver-toned and dark-faced Bulova 96B288. Besides the color difference, the watch adds a metal bracelet and a sophisticated textured dial.

Bulova Maquina 98A179 Watch

Movement: Automatic 8N26
Case Size: 46mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Automatic skeleton timepiece with gray gunmetal finish

The Bulova Maquina 98A179 we have up next is one of the most outstanding skeletonized watches you’ll come across. It’s also my overall favorite Bulova watch from the last decade. 

What makes it so special is the combination of several appealing and unique features that are hard to find elsewhere.

The first thing that draws attention is undoubtedly the naked dial. It has been freed of unnecessary elements in order to showcase the mesmerizing work of the automatic caliber. You’ll be able to see the various wheels and gears and also the golden balance wheel with its back-and-forth beating.

Another design element making the Maquina watch outstanding is its gunmetal-tone IP treatment. It provides masculinity, along with enhanced durability. The finishing is also top of the class when the brushed and polished surfaces on the case and bracelet are well-executed. 

Also, one thing that doesn’t go under the radar is the crown’s placement at an unusual 2 o’clock.

When it comes to the caliber powering the watch, it’s the Miyota 8N26 self-winding movement. It’s a modification of the workhorse 8N24 caliber with 21 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve. You can also manually wind the mechanism and expect it to hold decent accuracy. 

Unfortunately, the caliber doesn’t allow you to halt the seconds for time synchronizations. However, it’s a minor letdown.

All in all, this Bulova watch is a stunner. Not only does it look good, but it is also very durable.

We’ve included the Maquina 98A179 on our list of the top automatic watches for $500 as well, so feel free to check how it compares to other similar self-winding pieces. 

Bulova Automatic Watch 97A109

Movement: Automatic 82S6
Case Size: 45mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

A rose-gold tone automatic skeleton watch with small aperture

The Bulova Automatic 97A109 is a bit more modest option for an automatic skeleton watch than the previous entry. Instead of the entire exposure of the inner workings, this timepiece has only a small aperture reserved for it at the bottom left side.

Regardless of this particular modesty, this Bulova watch is nowhere near a humble timepiece for a shy man. 

The watch features a fetching rose-gold tone case and a multi-layered and patterned black dial with standout luminous hands and hour markers. The watch’s size only adds to its attractiveness with its 45mm diameter.

At the same time, for many, the size is a disadvantage of this Bulova. When normally, dress watches measure anywhere between 40-42mm, the 45mm you’ll have with this watch means your wrists should measure above the average (7.3 in circumference) in order to look well suited.

The caliber is Miyota 82S6, which is a classic Japanese movement with nothing to complain about. It’s specifically designed for open-heart watches and has proven to be a reliable caliber. The accuracy is good (+/- 20sec a day), and you can manually wind the watch.

Bulova CURV Chronograph 96A205

Movement: UHF quartz
Case Size: 44mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

top Bulova watches from the CURV collection

Probably the most outstanding watches from the brand come from the CURV collection, which features Bulova’s most recent innovation – the curved chronograph.

Like the name already suggests, the chronograph movement is engineered in the shape of a curve, fitting neatly to a wrist’s contours. 

We chose the Bulova CURV Chronograph 96A205 among the best Bulova watches for the exact reason described above – its sleek ergonomic design and slimness take the wearing experience to a whole new level.

It is also equipped with the much-praised UHF quartz caliber that offers one of the best accuracies you can currently get. A neat extra is visible when turning the watch around – a see-through case back, which presents this innovational movement up close.

The CURV watches come in two distinct types – dress and sports. This particular model represents the latter with a sleek design and sepia blue coloring on the dial. The core of this timepiece, the chronograph function, is set on three subdials with a relatively minimalistic style. 

In terms of exterior quality, the CURV 96A205 is as reliable as it can get. The dial is covered with anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, the case comes with brushed stainless steel, and the metal bracelet has a convenient double-press deployment closure. 

Unfortunately, the bracelet tends to receive scratches fairly easily, especially if your job involves working behind a desk where the friction is the highest. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself for buying an extra set of bands.

Another option is to consider alternative CURV watches. The best one is the Bulova 98A162, which has a dark-toned dial and has swapped the metal bracelet for a rubber band. Also, the case is made of titanium, not stainless steel, which significantly reduces the weight of the watch.

Bulova Marine Star 98B301

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 45mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 200m (660ft)

Semi-professional dive watch with blue dial and metal band

The next timepiece is another representative from Bulova’s dive-inspired Marine Star collection. However, compared to our previously covered dive watch, the Marine Star 98B301 has an improved 200m resistance. 

However, it’s still not a professional-grade diver but instead an elegant everyday wearable that won’t fail you in the water.

Regardless of its unsuitability for professional marine activities, this Bulova watch is still equipped with inherent features, such as the ratcheted rotating bezel, luminous hands and markers, and a screw-down crown.

On top of these coveted extras, the watch is also fitted with a chronograph function. And it’s not just a chronograph but a 1/20-second stopwatch with central seconds. This means that the watch’s seconds run on a subdial, not centrally.

Like with many Bulova watches, the size enters the oversized category with its 45mm diameter. Therefore, it is best suited for larger wrists rather than slimmer ones.

Bulova Classic Watch 96B149

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 38mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

Small Bulova timepiece for formal wear

The Bulova Classic 96B149 is one of the smallest timepieces the brand has available, barely reaching 38mm in diameter. However, this doesn’t limit its likelihood to be extravagant, even for the modest style it represents.

What makes it so desirable is the unique textured sunray dial with an all-black appeal – it’s simple when you look at it but, at the same time, exquisite enough to be misled by the sub-$200 price the watch comes with. 

The hands and markers come in contrasting silver, adding to the extravagance and making the reading of the watch as easy as it can get. Unfortunately, you can’t check the time in the dark as it doesn’t have any kind of luminosity. 

The watch is powered by a reliable Japanese quartz movement and has a date window at three o’clock, the onliest function besides the timekeeping this Bulova has. Therefore, it’s a spot-on dress piece and one of the best Bulova watches for smart casual wear.

Note: Since it’s a dress watch, don’t expect much water resistance. The 30m (100ft) rating guarantees protection against splashes and daily exposure only.

Bulova 96A135 BVA-Series Watch

Movement: Automatic 82S7
Case Size: 42mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 30m (100ft)

Bulova skeleton automatic watch

The Bulova 96A135 has an open-heart dial and a see-through caseback. The partially revealed face is not as striking as many other Bulova watches have but is still an eye-catcher with various design elements. 

A textured dial, seconds subdial, dual time, and golden balance wheel are all crammed into the inner ring, while the outer ring consists of Roman numerals, giving the watch a dressy appeal.

Regardless of the abundance of various elements, the face doesn’t look overcrowded. It is perfectly balanced and looks like a whole. 

Since skeletonized timepieces run on automatic movements, you can also expect this Bulova watch to have it. It is a Miyota 82S7 caliber with hacking and hand-winding capabilities and, when fully wound, keeps a power reserve for up to 42 hours.

A part of a watch that typically doesn’t receive much attention is the crown. However, with this Bulova, it does because it comes with a cool design and is much bigger than typical crowns. It means that besides looking good, the crown is easy to handle when setting the time or winding the mechanism.

With a price tag of around $400, the Bulova 96A135 offers plenty of features and outstanding aesthetics for the money. The only thing you may want to change right from the start is the leather strap that feels too plasticky. Fortunately, Bulova has a vast selection of other 22mm straps that are more leathery and softer.

Bulova Marine Star 98B203

Movement: Quartz
Case Size: 43mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Classic-looking Bulova dive watch with black dial and metal case

We finish our list of the top Bulova pieces with a classic-looking dive watch. The Bulova Marine Star 98B203 is look-a-like to a Rolex Submariner with its black face and silver stainless steel case and bracelet, making it an affordable option for a luxurious-like timepiece. 

The finishing of the case and bracelet is well-executed, with brushed surfaces dominating. The finishing combines well with the dark-toned face and smooth black bezel.  

The typical characteristics you usually find from a genuine dive piece are all represented, including a ratcheted unidirectional bezel, screw-down crown, and luminous hands and indices. 

Although it looks like a genuine diver and has all the features, it’s not actually meant for professional diving. Instead, it’s a desk diver with reduced water resistance (100m). Nevertheless, you can freely use it for lighter water-related activities, such as swimming and snorkeling.

If the watch had been equipped with a Miyota automatic caliber, it would have been almost perfect. Then again, a quartz movement is more accurate and requires little to no upkeep.

Final Words

Bulova sure knows how to impress the buyers. Extravagant design, mesmerizing sweeping second hand, incredible accuracy, and never-before-seen curved movement are what make this brand so desirable year after year. 

There is no need to worry if you didn’t find the right timepiece from this shortlist because the array of outstanding Bulova watches is much broader than the fifteen represented here.

With a history stretching back over a hundred years, you can be sure that any timepiece from this American brand will live up to the expectations, both in appearance and quality-wise.

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