Vincero Watches Review: Are The Watches Really That Bad?

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Vincero watches are all over the social media with their aggressive marketing campaign. The Italian name sounds posh, the timepieces look gorgeous, and the prices are appealing – no wonder they get the attention.

However, setting aside the luxurious-like appeal that comes with excellent rates, and looking into the customer reviews on various watches, we notice an unpleasant trend of complaints regarding the overall quality.

Is it yet another brand that takes advantage of unknowledgeable buyers, or does it actually stand up to the values it proclaims to follow?

The following Vincero watches review finds the answer.

Vincero watches review

Vincero Background & Approach

Unlike many other watch brands, Vincero is a fresh face in the watchmaking business. Before the launch of the brand in the US in 2014, the three owners set out to China to study the process of manufacturing quality timepieces. The idea was to provide customers with “well-made products at unrivaled value.”

To provide such products, Vincero has allegedly cast aside the traditional outsourcing methodology that many other similar companies pursue. Instead, the brand employs a hands-on approach in every stage of the production, from designing the watches in their San Diego headquarters to using a diversified supply chain for the watch parts.

For instance, the movements are sourced from Japan, genuine leather and marble come from Italy, and the stainless steel cases and crystals originate from China.

Vincero marble caseback
Marble on case backs sourced from Italy

Besides the diversification of the supply chain, Vincero is quite rare for manufacturing the watch models in small batches.

They justify this approach by achieving a better position in controlling every stage of the production to ensure the highest quality possible. For instance, instead of checking a sample of watches that come out of the production, Vincero claims to check all of them.

What Are Vincero Watches Like?

The business approach that Vincero employs suggests quality timepieces with eye-catching looks. But what is so special about Vincero watches that convenes people to buy them?

The answer is classy apparel that reminds of luxurious models from much pricier brands.

Indeed, when looking at any of the watches, you cannot say they’re cheap. Neatly finished dials, beautiful cases in various colors, attractive bezels, and posh straps give an impression of decent premium-level timepieces. 

The styles are diverse, ranging from ultra-classic analog watches to sporty chronograph-featured racing pieces. Will it be a wedding or a Friday night out, Vincero seems to cover all the occasions.

Vincero Chrono S

The bestseller collection is the Chrono S line that features sporty yet refined timepieces with a stopwatch function. The variety of dial and case colors is impressive, along with numerous interchangeable strap options.

Vincero watches review on Chrono S collection

People can choose between two case sizes, one on the smaller side at 40mm, and the other slightly larger with a 43mm diameter. Watches come 5 ATM water-resistant and feature fancy Italian marble case back.

Vincero Kairos

Kairos watches are perfect for smart and casual occasions with minimalistic analog dials and three-hand movements. 

Elegant Vincero watchpiece with white dial

They come with 42mm case sizes that run on the Japanese quartz movement. The watches are guaranteed a water-resistance up to 10 ATM, which is more suitable for swimming and showering than the 5 ATM provided by the Chrono S line.

Vincero Bellwether 

The third collection widely popular among the buyers is Bellwether. It differs from other lines for the mecha-quartz movement that uses quartz oscillations for the primary timekeeping and mechanical movement for the chronograph function.

Black and silver Vincero watch

The sweeping second hand of the stopwatch gives the Bellwether timepiece a more luxurious appeal. However, it costs a little more as well, when compared to other Vincero quartz watches.

Vincero watches look good, no doubt about it. Though, another question is whether the watches will last long enough to be considered reliable.

Quality of Vincero Watches

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the brand sources watch parts from different specialized manufacturers in order to up the quality levels. 

Case & Crystal

There’s nothing to complain about the 316L stainless steel that is employed for making the cases. It’s a material you’ll find from affordable and premium watch brands alike. The steel is durable, withstands knocks, and is resistant to corrosion.

As we already know, sapphire crystal is the go-to material in high-end watches for being highly scratch-resistant. It possesses a rating of 9/10 according to the Mohs hardness scale, making it the best substance in wristwear. The next widely employed glass is a mineral crystal with a rating of five/six out of ten – also of decent quality.

Now, the “mixture” of these two, the sapphire coated mineral that Vincero employs in its watches, combines the advantages of the two substances – while the thin layer of sapphire on top of the crystal is scratch-resistant, the mineral base protects from shatters. Naturally, the material may not possess the prestige of pure sapphire crystal but is still better than a standard mineral. 

Now the problem is that many have complained about Vincero overhyping the quality of their watches, while not even offering sapphire crystals as the proper high-class brands do.

However, what has to be considered is the price at which the watches are sold. You can’t expect to receive a sapphire crystal in a watch that costs $150. A typical timepiece at this price point features with almost no exceptions a mineral glass. Therefore, the one that Vincero watches come with is actually above the standard and shouldn’t be criticized that heavily.

Watch Straps

The most underperforming element of Vincero watches seem to be leather straps that tend to ruin the overall impression of the watches. The stiffness is the most significant concern among the owners, followed by the band’s unsuitable length. 

A curious thing with watch straps in overall is the non-existent common agreement among wearers on what is suitable and what is not. Apparently, you’ll find people who adore leather straps, but, on the other hand, you’ll come across customers that absolutely hate them. There simply doesn’t seem to exist the right one that suits everybody. 

No matter what, as long as the watch itself is up to the expectations and the strap is interchangeable, the problem can be solved. Though it requires some extra investment, which is not great.

Watch Movements

The majority of Vincero watches are equipped with Miyota quartz and automatic movements, although the number of self-winding pieces is relatively low.

The wider use of the quartz mechanism is understandable since it costs much less than the automatic equivalent, which eventually helps to bring down the prices.

Vincero quartz watch

The cheaper-end Miyota movements aren’t comparable to the likes of average Seiko or any Swiss equivalents but are better and more reliable than Chinese movements.  

Since the quartz’s quality is more on the “acceptable” side, rather than “exceptional,” it may happen that you end up with a faulty piece that all of a sudden stops. Understandably, it’s not a situation a buyer would like to face, but it is still a possibility when dealing with cheap movements. Luckily, Vincero provides a 2-year warranty that also covers the quartz.

The use of lower-end quartz, however, contradicts with Vincero’s strive for “high-quality watches.”

Employing the cheapest non-Chinese movement would do well in cheap fashion watches but is well below par for a company that claims their watches to be “exceptionally crafted.” The exaggerating marketing slogans eventually cause expectations that are often difficult to live up to. 

On the other hand, the use of Seiko’s mecha-quartz movement we briefly described earlier lives up to the expectations. The mechanism has the accuracy of quartz and the handling of a mechanical chronograph. And although it’s not as exclusive as one would expect, it still goes well with the elegant style Vincero offers.

Causes of Negativity

Stainless steel cases, sapphire coated mineral crystals, and the movements are, in principle, acceptable when talking about one or two hundred dollar watches. Yes, the cheaper-end quartz is a little letdown by Vincero, but mostly in terms of the contradiction between the promised quality and reality rather than reliability.

The factors that really harm Vincero’s reputation lie elsewhere. The most significant is the inconsistent quality of the watches.

Inconsistent Quality

Vincero claims to apply rigorous quality control standards for every single watch that comes out of the production. Apparently, the work doesn’t reflect in the end products. 

The most repetitive problems concern loose hands, band clasps falling off, and watches stopping. These are not minor problems that can be cast aside by the wearers but serious ones that heavily affect the wearing experience. 

On the other hand, numerous feedback from verified buyers is utterly positive, with no underlying concerns. They’re pleased with not only the looks but the overall quality of the watches as well. 

It shows exactly how an inconsistent quality influences the overall evaluation of a brand – they may produce eye-catching watches, but pervasive quality issues pull down the hard work they’ve done.

Marketing Vs. Reality

Another factor that negatively affects the determination Vincero has invested in its timepieces is related to the marketing strategy. 

Vincero is one of those new-age watch brands that take advantage of social media platforms for marketing their products. It is not an unusual approach for newcomers in the business, especially in the highly competitive watch industry.

However, targeting an unknowledgeable customer segment that is unaware of the specificities of watchmaking with slogans “luxurious quality” and “exceptional craftsmanship” misleads the buyers.

Vincero is far from luxury and outstanding artistry, to be fair. Just refer to the previous paragraphs for the proof of evidence. Instead, you can say that it is a through and through fashion brand rather than an acknowledged producer.

Another highly annoying reality is how Vincero shapes its image by accepting four and five-star reviews on its homepage, while not approving ANY of the lower ratings the buyers have given them. You can check the Vincero watch reviews on their homepage for yourself to spot the tendency.

So, Are The Watches Really That Bad?

Let’s be honest – the brand does provide elegant pieces at affordable rates, absolutely no doubt about that. The watches can fool numerous people into thinking they cost way more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Take, for example, the mechanical stopwatch feature with a sweeping hand motion. In this sense, a job well done from the team.

Vincero watches also employ decent materials that are available in similar or a little pricier models – nothing spectacular, but nothing to be concerned about either.

But what truly hinders Vincero’s strive for being accepted as a brand providing reliable timepieces is the inconsistency in quality, which is coupled with exaggerating marketing that tries to cast aside any criticism at their expense or a serious letdown from their part.

Refined Vincero watch with a leather strap

In core, the watches are definitely not that bad as they might seem from numerous negative reviews. They’re not behind other similar brands that pursue the same market segment, such as Invicta or Stuhrling. However, turning a blind eye to the overstatements in the hope for a long-lasting watch may come back to haunt you. 

For the same price, you can get a decent watch with a proven reliability from renowned brands, such as Orient and Timex

But if the design of those is not attractive and you’re open to discovering new opportunities, even if it means an increased possibility for problems, then Vincero might do pretty well. Just make sure you buy from verified sellers that offer the official 2-year warranty. 

Final Take

Concluding this Vincero watches review, the timepieces are not that bad, but still have a long way to go in refuting the reputation they’ve achieved. The consistency in quality is the key to overcome it.

But we also have to acknowledge that Vincero has been around for less than ten years – it’s basically nothing compared to its competitors. Thus, let’s give the brand some time to prove its worth because the watches are, in principle, worth a try.

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Details

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1 thought on “Vincero Watches Review: Are The Watches Really That Bad?”

  1. I bought an Altitude a couple of years ago. It is simply a watch nothing more. With the two knobs on the side, I did expect a chronograph, but sadly no. In fact when I bought it, it was because I thought it was a chronograph but after checking once I got the watch, I realized it wasn’t advertised as such. My mistake. One I’ll never make again. The two buttons have functions but for details neither I or anyone else would use. One tells you the time of day (if you are inside, look out the window, and if you are outside, look up). The second one is a reference for the 24 hour clock (the dumbest math if you actually use the 24 hour clock).
    The point that Vincero should realize, is that I will never buy their product again.
    Oh, and the lumious dial and limited depth rating make this just a simple watch that is an accessory. I did pay too much for this.

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