15 Best Men’s Moon Phase Watches (Affordable To Premium)

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For decades, the moon phase complication has been an intricate aesthetic feature inherent to luxury watch brands. The likes of Omega, Blancpain, and Patek Philippe boast some real pieces of art that make every dress watch admirer drool.

However, in recent years, the array of moon phase watches (including the ones with Sun and Moon visualization) has become broader than ever before, allowing even an average Joe to pamper his wrist with such a visual treat. 

For all the “Joes” out there, we’ve compiled the best men’s moon phase watches that are sure to catch some envious looks from friends and co-workers with the inclusion of the prestigious complication.

best men's moon phase watches

Best Moon Phase Watches for Men

Our list consists of moon phase watches from affordable to premium class, from a mere couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, and from widely known brands to relatively unfamiliar newcomers. So stay tuned to find out the best fit for your style and wallet. 

Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase Watch

Model: FC-270SW4P6
Movement: Quartz

one of the best men's moon phase watches from Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant is an affordable Swiss brand that doesn’t give away in quality in any terms. Sophisticated dials, precise movements, and high-quality materials ensure that whichever watch you go for, the reliability is guaranteed at the highest level.

Besides the qualities mentioned above, this Frederique Constant Moonphase watch stands out from the crowd with the fully functioning moon phase feature. Displayed at six o’clock on the dial, the complication shows the full lunar cycle, from the new moon to the last quarter.

This timepiece has another unique feature that you’ll not find from many watches – the week counter on the main display. Instead of a typical second measure, the main hand counts the weeks of the year, complementing the classic day and date counters visible on the subdials. 

Last but not least, the watch is decently sized at 40mm, runs on accurate Swiss quartz movement, and has a highly regarded sapphire glass covering the face.

Certina DS-8 Moonphase

Model: C033.450.36.051.00
Movement: Quartz

moon phase watch with rose-gold case and black dial

The next watch among the best men’s moon phase watches, the Certina DS-8 Moonphase, doesn’t only possess the eye-catching lunar feature you’re all here for but is also extremely accurate. 

The Precidrive technology inherent to Certina timepieces keeps a chronometer precision of +/- 10 seconds a year – that is about eight to ten times more accurate than traditional quartz watches.

What’s also irresistible about this Swiss timepiece is the beautiful 41mm rose-gold plated case that fits various styles and occasions. The 60-minute stopwatch feature on two subdials only but complements the versatile appeal of this wristwatch.

Orient Sun and Moon Version 3

Model: FAK00002S0
Movement: Automatic

Retro-like Orient dress watch with Roman numerics

The Orient brand that opted for providing the market with affordable mechanical watches instead of highly popular quartzes in the 1970s has reached the standard that places them high in the pecking order when it comes to accessible yet reliable mechanical complications. 

The Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 watch employs precisely that kind of clockwork. The in-house produced F6B24 mechanical automatic caliber is hackable and manually adjustable, providing an extra convenience you wouldn’t get from a typical automatic piece.

Since the practicality of the moon phase function is somewhat minimal, Orient has decided to replace it with a Sun and Moon feature where they alternate depending on the hours of the day – the sun is full on the window at midday, while the moon is fully visible at midnight. 

Besides the Sun and Moon indicator on the dial, you’ll also find the day and date subdials, along with classy Roman numerals. 

What makes this watch even more sought-after, though, is the sapphire crystal that covers the face. For a sub-$300 piece, it’s a bargain price.

Citizen Calendrier BU0057-54E

Model: BU0057-54E
Movement: Solar quartz

All-black Citizen timepiece with chronograph feature

Among the vast selection of Citizen models that stretches from professional diving watches to classy dress pieces, you can also find a couple of moon phase featuring timepieces. The Calendrier BU0057-54E may not be the most classic example but compensates it with a full set of calendar auxiliaries on the dial.

Equipped with highly acknowledged Eco-Drive solar technology, the watch never needs a battery for the features to function. The all-black apparel also guarantees that this relatively large 44mm stainless steel watch never stays unnoticed. 

Other characteristics include the guilloche textured dial with a mineral crystal protecting the face and the contrasting color of the hands and markers. 

Mathey-Tissot Edmond Moon Phase Watch

Model: H1886RPI
Movement: Quartz

Swiss moon phase watch from Mathey-Tissot

Mathey-Tissot is often mixed up with another Swiss brand, Tissot. In reality, they are totally different watch manufacturers. But one thing they have in common, though, is the Swiss quality. The Mathey-Tissot Edmond Moon Phase caught our attention with a sub-$200 price at which they sell its work of art.

Similar to Citizen Calendrier, the watch comes with four distinctive windows on the textured white dial – the day, date, month, and moon phase indicators. The latter is this time a classical version with yellow and blue tints. 

This Mathey-Tissot makes it the perfect dress piece for being, above all, decently sized – the case is at 42mm, while the thickness measures 11mm. The bold Roman numerals add to the overall elegant appeal, as does the rose-gold toned stainless steel case. 

As you would expect from a genuine Swiss quality piece, no other than scratch-resistant sapphire glass covers the watch’s face.

Orient Sun and Moon Open Heart Watch

Model: RA-AS0003S10A
Movement: Automatic

best men's moon phase watches from Orient

Orient is represented with another moon phase illustrated piece on the list. This time, it’s coupled with an open-heart design. 

The Sun and Moon Open Heart is relatively similar to the previous Orient for featuring the guilloche finished background along with Roman numerals. However, the moon phase window has been moved from the five o’clock position towards the bottom of the dial.

The spinning balance wheel visible from the cut adds another dimension to the already magnificent eye-catcher. Not only can you enjoy the elegant Sun and Moon window, but you also admire the workings of an intricate automatic mechanism.

The quality and overall looks won’t let you down either. Equipped with a sapphire crystal and cased in rose-gold toned 42mm stainless steel, you can expect it to last long while maintaining its luxurious appeal. 

Graf Zeppelin Hindenburg Moon Phase

Model: 7036-1
Movement: Quartz

Silver-faced moon phase timepiece

Honoring the achievements of the inventor Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the German brand amazes with refined retro watches. The Zeppelin Moon Phase piece takes us back in time with its archaic numbers font and Breguet-like hands.

Although a vintage style generally suggests a minimalist approach, the watch’s actual looks are a total opposite.   

First off, the calendar reads days and dates on two subdials, while the weeks of the year are present on the outer ring of the main dial. The genuine moon phase indicator lets you check the current phase at a convenient position at the bottom of the face. And since the week counter features its own hand, you’ll have a total of four hands looking back at you, all powered by reliable Swiss Ronda movement.  

Although the Hesalite crystal may not be on par with the likes of sapphire and mineral glass, it nevertheless provides a retro-like feel with its domed shape. 

This Made in Germany watch that runs on Swiss quartz is definitely worth a chance, especially considering the more-than-affordable price.

G-Shock Mudman G9300-1

Model: G9300-1
Movement: Solar quartz

Rugged military watch with black apparel

The next entry among the best men’s moon phase watches is not a classic example of that type. While the majority of the wearers prefer the feature to be clearly visible on the dial, others will want to check the phases in a modern manner – digitally. That’s why we’ve decided to add the G-Shock Mudman to our list.

The G-Shocks have never been simple time tracking wearables. The Japanese have made them the most feature-rich watches in the world, coming with uncountable functions for various purposes. The G-Shock Mudman is no exception.

Powered solely by light, the watch comes with all the imaginable features, including a Twin Sensor for digital compass and thermometer function, full-auto backlight, and world time in 31 timezones. The moon data, including the current phase and a specific date, is reachable through one of the digital displays.

The G-Shock Mudman is huge at 51mm in diameter – not every wrist is suitable for the size. Therefore, make use of a watch sizing guide and consider the peculiarities of your wrist before the purchase.

Lucien Piccard Babylon Automatic

Model: LP-15040-02S-RB
Movement: Automatic

Colorful moon phase timepiece with classic dial

Lucien Piccard has a glorious history when numerous celebrities, including Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, have worn one of its timepieces. However, the Swiss brand faced difficulties a decade ago, which eventually ended in bankruptcy. Now an international watch company that reflects the style and elegance of its Swiss heritage, Lucien Piccard provides eye-catching wristwear at affordable rates. 

The Babylon Automatic Moon Phase watch has similarities to both of the Orient pieces featuring on our list but has more sophisticated and luxurious looks and a lower price as well.

The dial comes with two distinctive visual additions – a skeletonized window and a Sun and Moon indicator. As the name suggests, the indicator only indicates the alterations between days and nights, not the exact phases of the moon. Nevertheless, the visual effect from it is spectacular enough to consider the Lucien Piccard watch to be more than just another fashion piece. 

The watch runs on a Chinese-origin 20-jewel automatic movement, which keeps a decent time and holds a power reserve up to 40 hours. You can expect to receive compliments not only for the two visual additions on the dial but also for the large 46mm rose-gold toned case that won’t go unnoticed.

You can also check how the Babylon compares to other top skeleton watches.

Stuhrling 371 Automatic Skeleton

Model: 371.01
Movement: Automatic

ultra-fashionable colorful Stuhrling skeleton watch

The Stuhrling 371 Skeleton watch has the most striking appearance among the top moon phase watches we cover in this post. The fully skeletonized face does not only come with wheels and gears but has a dual-time section and a Sun and Moon indicator as well.

Stuhrling has not made a secret that it uses Chinese mechanical movements in its watches. This one runs on a Seagull-based mechanism, which is the highest valued movement provider from that part of the world. 

The watch that also features on our list of the best automatic pieces is definitely not for the faint-hearted – it takes real guts to wear it. The diameter at 48mm is also something to be aware of. But if you’re brave enough, this ultra flashy piece can take your style to a whole new level.

Karl-Leimon Moonphase Watch

Model: CSWH01
Movement: Quartz

Kerl-Leimon watch among the best men's moon phase watches

I’m pretty sure the lot of you haven’t even heard from such a brand as Karl-Leimon. To be frank, the majority in the watch industry hasn’t because it is a fresh crowdfunded Japanese manufacturer. It aims to create affordable luxury watches for all who admire the classical style. 

The Karl-Leimon Moonphase watch does provide the classical appeal they pursue, but moreover, it comes with quality materials you typically find from premium watches, and it features an intricate moon phase complication as well.

You’ll find the watch in a high-grade 316L stainless case that houses a Japanese quartz movement. The silver-and-beige textured dial is covered with sapphire crystal, the best you can have in a watch these days. Last but not least, the quality leather strap provides both comfort and stylish appeal.

Although the brand may be unknown to the wider community, its watches are worth a try due to premium quality at very affordable rates. The 2-year warranty also boosts the confidence that they’re not any throwaway pieces.

Raymond Weil Maestro Moonphase

Model: 2239-STC-00659
Movement: Automatic

Classic timepiece with white dial and Roman numerals

The Maestro line from Raymond Weil is dedicated to fine classical music, which vividly reflects from the Raymond Weil Maestro Moonphase.

A timeless Swiss self-winding mechanical movement is housed in a traditionally sized silver 40mm stainless steel case. The Roman numerics with a bold design surround the wave-like center part that also features the moon phase complication. The full 29.5-day cycle is displayed in silver and blue colors, which is the prime coloristic of the model.

The watch comes with a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a genuine calf leather strap with an alligator motif. 

If you’re the type of guy who appreciates exquisite handcraft, then you’re in luck since this Maestro Moonphase is hand-assembled by the top Swiss watch professionals. 

Seiko Premier SRX015P1

Model: SRX015P1
Movement: Kinetic

Seiko Premier watch with moon phase function at twelve o'clock

Seiko’s expertise in the watchmaking world is unparalleled. The brand has the most exclusive selection of watch complications; it offers some of the best affordable wristwear in any imaginable category; it caters to a wide specter of customer segments. Therefore, it’s no wonder we find some of the best moon phase watches for men from Seiko’s lineup. 

The Seiko Premier SRX015P1 is entirely battery-free for featuring the Kinetic Direct Drive movement – a mechanism that converts the wearer’s natural motions into electrical energy, which in turn powers the quartz timekeeping module. The option to hand-wind the watch is also possible. 

An essential feature of this post, the moon phase function, is placed at a visible 12 o’clock position. It comes in a classic blue and yellow tint and shares the dial with a day window, GMT, and power reserve indicator.

Considering the watch’s handy size at 42mm in case diameter, and the classic mild silver color, it goes well with various styles. But be prepared to pay considerably more than for the previous entries, since the price tag is well above the thousand-dollar mark.

Orient Star Open Heart Moonphase

Model: RE-AM0001S
Movement: Automatic

An exquisite timepiece with blue hands and open-heart design

The Star collection has a defining story to tell in the successful comeback of the Orient brand. The line caught attention with its quality mechanical movement and fine design in the 1950s that paved the way for the reputation Orient holds these days. They’re also unique for being entirely Japanese-made.

The Orient Star Open Heart beams the exquisite style the watches are famous for. The lunar cycle and skeletonized cut combine perfectly on the dial, forming a tandem to glance and admire. The electric blue hands give that unique spark to the overall appeal of the face, as do the vintage Roman numerals around the dial.

The beauty runs on an automatic caliber able to hold a power reserve up to 40 hours, is covered with dual-curved sapphire with anti-reflective coating, and comes with a hand-made black leather strap. 

The price may reach well over a thousand dollars, but has the quality and attention to detail comparable to a multi-thousand piece. 

Longines Calendar Moon Phase

Model: L2.673.4.78.3
Movement: Automatic

Longines luxury piece among the best men's moon phase watches

The Longines Calendar Moon Phase may be the priciest on this list of the best men’s moon phase watches, but for a good reason too. Being an entry-level luxury brand with highly appreciated quality levels, Longines pays extra attention to every little detail that goes into the watch.

The dial that might give a crowded impression at first sight is actually neatly finished with no excessive design elements. The moon phase window that changes its appeal daily through the moon’s movement is the onliest component worthy of calling a design feature.

The slightly textured dial is otherwise easy to read with a simple 30-second stopwatch and 24-hour subdial. The week numbers are displayed on the main circle, while the date and day of the week feature on small quadrangles on the upper subdial. 

While the face stays humble yet reflecting luxurious refinement, the automatic movement of the watch roars of power. The ETA/Valjoux chronograph caliber is equipped with 25 jewel bearings and an energy reserve of up to 42 hours. It powers all the complications you see on the watch, including the complex stopwatch feature.

FAQ About Moon Phase Watches

Since the meaning and purpose of a moon phase complication in a timepiece is not straightforward to many, we’ll try to answer some of the most common questions regarding the function. 

Q: What Is The Point of a Moon Phase Watch?

A: To be frank, there’s no essential purpose of the complication other than a visual enhancement the watch receives through featuring it. The moon phase function is appreciated because of its complicated nature, which requires skills and precision to construct it. 

In principle, the complication shows the current phases of the moon. It’s like a mini-version of the moon circling on your wrist.

Q: How Does a Moon Phase Watch Work?

A: A moon phase watch has a round disc that consists of two oppositely placed moons. Since the entire phase takes 29.5 days, the disc has typically 59 gears to complete the full circle. With every passing 24 hours, the disc advances one notch. 

The complication can be employed in both mechanical and quartz watches.

Q: Are Moon Phase Watches Accurate?

A: Apparently, they’re not very accurate. The prime reason causing the inaccuracy is the exact New Moon to New Moon period of 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes, which doesn’t line with the accuracy of a typical moon phase complication that consists of 59 gears, i.e., days. If you multiply the exact lunar period by two, you get 59 days and 28 minutes, meaning the deviation is 28 minutes a month, or 5:36h a year from the actual cycle.

Q: What Is a Sun and Moon Watch?

A: A Sun and Moon watch serves a similar visual purpose as does a moon phase watch, but instead of presenting the specific phases, it indicates the alterations of days and nights. At noon, the sun is at a 12 o’clock position, while the moon takes center stage at midnight. Typically, the sun is visible from 6 am to 6 pm, and the moon from 6 pm to 6 am. Both of them move according to the hours of the day.

Conclusion: Best Men’s Moon Phase Watches

Moon phase watches serve a visual purpose more than anything else. They’re difficult to construct and look fancy on the dial, but a wearer won’t receive much information out of it, except for the current phase of the rock. However, that is not the reason the watches are so sought-after. 

If you glance at any classical timepiece we’ve covered in this post of the best men’s moon phase watches, you understand that the whole picture has a much luxurious effect with the aperture looking back at you. Whether it be a simpler version of it in the Orient and Stuhrling models or a more intricate one in Longines and Seiko pieces, the moon phase element does add elegance to the wristwear.

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