12 Best Wooden Watch Brands For Men

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You have probably come across loads of wooden wristwear and could find it challenging to choose the perfect fit. After deciding to go for a wooden watch, there are still tons of decisions to make – which style fits the best, what quality they have, which wood type to choose, whether the brand is reliable, etc. We will make it easier for you by listing the best wooden watch brands on the market. Also, we outline their styles and types of watches and quality-levels with price ranges.

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The Best Wooden Watch Brands

Original Grain

Original Grain is one of the powerhouses in the wood watch industry. It offers a wide selection of wood-and-steel watches. Original Grain started in 2013 and was founded by two brothers – Ryan and Andrew Beltran.

Their approach is to use reclaimed wood that has its own story to tell, channelling this to every handwatch they craft.

Besides using reclaimed wood, Original Grain contributes to an even more sustainable future through cooperation with Trees for the Future in Senegal. For every watch sold, they plant a tree in a region where feeding families and reducing poverty is urgently needed.

Original Grain Watches

Original Grain offers Alterra Chronograph, Classic, and Minimalist collections.

There are also two unusual types – Barrel watches include whiskey barrel details, and Grainmaster Collection incorporates different wood types into a 10-bar steel watch. Koa Stonewashed, Rosewood Silver, and Burlwood Silver are another three waterproof watches.

The materials are also something you won’t find from other brand’s collections. How does a beer barrel or a whiskey barrel watch sound? Or a watch made of military surplus? Some common materials in the wooden watch industry, such as ebony, rosewood, and koa wood, are also represented.

Quality and price

Original Grain’s wooden watches are considered very durable due to the wood and metal used. Though wood is a sustainable material, it cannot compete with metal in durability. Therefore, a combination of wood and stainless steel is more reliable than just wood.

Since the materials are of high quality and the hard work that crafters put into creating the best looking wooden watches, the collections don’t come very cheap.

Minimalist and Classic watches range from 190$ to 235$, while Barrel and Chronograph cost between 280-500$. Check out their full collection here!


Jord is, no doubt, one of the best wooden watch brands you will find. The selection of timepieces is vast and it focuses on creating wristwatches that follow a modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living.

Jord stresses that “moments are more significant than minutes, and a watch should tell more than time.” Well, they have made sure of this with their collections!

Jord Watches

As already mentioned, Jord provides a wide choice of wooden watches where minimalist, modern, and design styles are all available. You will find skeleton, chronograph function, and automatic self-winding timepieces in a variety of wood types.

The primary samples include a widely popular and reliable maple and walnut. You will also find not so popular, but on the other hand, unique woods, such as golden camphor and kosso wood.

Quality and price

Jord’s wooden timepieces are made of wood and steel, ensuring high durability. They use naturally dried woods that guarantee low moisture, which prevents micro-fractures and warping.

Jord spends an exceptional amount of time selecting the right cords which possess the consistent grain pattern needed for small watch component manufacturing.

The prices show the effort they put into handcrafting reliable and unique-looking wristwatches. Minimalist watches start at 199$, while chronograph timepieces cost around 250$. Check out the full collection here!


Treehut is a family-owned small business that operates in San Francisco, California. They desire to create something simple and elegant with a splash of joy. 

The wooden watches represent the “unique essence of the love and bond between two people.” It is an indication of a commitment to crafting not only men’s watches but also something for women as well.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone, you should undoubtedly consider Treehut’s products.

Treehut Watches

Wooden hand watches categorize into different collections that comprise of marble dial watches, all-wood watches, and many more. The most durable types of wood – ebony, walnut, zebrawood – are all represented. The watches come in many colors.

And most notably, there is even an option to create your own wood watch by customizing case style, wood type, and straps.

All in all, Treehut has a watch for every need and taste there is. The hardest part is not to decide WHETHER to buy a Treehut wooden watch, but which one to choose.

Quality and price

The materials Treehut uses in the watches are durable because all the classic robust wood types are available. Also, aside from wooden link straps, they offer leather straps that tend to be a bit sturdier.

It is possible to get a stylish-looking watch at a reasonable price. Classic collection wooden watches stay in the region of 95$; all the other collections cost between 95-300$. You can check Treehut’s collection here!


Some of the best wooden watch brands take a responsive production very seriously. Truwood is an excellent example – for every watch sold, they plant ten trees in Africa.

Planting helps to remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and feed thousands of low-income families. The responsiveness they show is tremendous!

Truwood Watches

Truwood handcrafts natural wooden watches that give ultimate looks for all the occasions and suit with every outfit.

Chronograph, all-wood, and automatic options are all available with stainless steel/wood and 100% wood cases. Watches come with a variety of wood grains and colors that suit every need.

Quality and price

Wooden timepieces are made of sustainable and lasting materials while keeping prices attractive. Prices range between 90-300$. Check out all the wooden watches here!


Kerbholz belongs to this list of the best wooden watch brands with pride. Their luxurious-looking watches and the approach giving back to nature is invaluable. They donate 1€ for every handcrafted masterpiece they’ve sold to protect the world. The well-known German precision, in no doubt, ensures that!

Kerbholz Watches

Wooden watches that Kerbholz offers are all with a classy and luxurious look. Walnut is the principal wood used, but you will also find sandalwood, rosewood, olive, and even birch wristwear.

Quality and price

All the wood watches come splash-proof, which is a sign of quality. Recycled stainless steel is used for cases and crowns to ensure maximum durability. Durable straps come in both wood and leather.

Regular prices for Kerbholz watches are between 180-270$, but with discounts, it’s even possible to get one for as little as 115$. Check the wood watch collection here!


Rural idyll and urban style make Holzkern wooden watches unique. The combination of wood and stone used in watches ensures natural uniqueness. Their journey started in 2015, and the masterpieces are crafted in the heart of Europe, in Austria.

Holzkern Watches

Holzkern offers tens of different collections in multiple variations, taking their entire watch selection into hundreds. As expected, all the regular types, such as chronograph, automatic, and classic, are available.

A particular feature with Holzkern watches is a slim casing which they can produce through special processing of materials.

The Radiance Collection has four innovative solar models that convert solar energy into electrical energy by means of solar cells that are integrated into the dial. Forget batteries, but make sure not to leave the watch in the dark for too long!

Quality and price

The endurance of Holzkern watches is exceptional because of beautiful hardwoods and high-quality rock. Wooden links on straps are often fortified with stainless steel, providing another provision for durability.

It is possible to purchase a Holzkern watch for 140-350$, some of the unique examples will cost you more than 450$. View the prices here!


Tense watches are all made from 100% reclaimed or recycled wood. Each handwatch is manufactured by hand in their workshop in Canada. It is one of the oldest wooden wristwatch companies – they started the business in 1971. With such experience, you can expect genuinely high quality from these wooden watches.

Tense Watches

Wristwatches are of maple, walnut, teak, and olive wood. You will also find some exciting collections for groomsmen and anniversary gifts.

A fantastic option Tense offers is a customization possibility – choose your favorite case, dial, crown, and straps. What a tremendous gift it would be!

Quality and price

Tense stands out with their 5 ATM waterproof Hudson Watches. Not many offer that option!

The watches are powered by premium Ronda 6004D Swiss movements or Japanese Miyota calibers. All the wood types have renowned durability attributes. Also, watches come with wood and stainless steel or quality leather straps.

Most of the watches cost between 150-300$, with the most expensive pieces at 350$. You can check all the prices here!

The Original WoodWatch

Like many other top wooden watch brands, WoodWatch also dedicates much time and effort for nature preservation by planting a tree for every watch sold. They’ve already planted more than 50 000 trees. Originating from The Netherlands, they offer modernly designed hand watches made of natural wood.

WoodWatch Watches

Watches are for the conscious, yet stylish individuals. Made of maple, ebony, purpleheart, and many more awesome types, they come in various collections. There are about 80 watches you can choose from.

Also, consider adding personal engraving on the backplate, as this option is also available. 

Quality and price

WoodWatch puts a lot of hard work into making watches long-lasting for the reason that they use sustainable and quality wood. Cases come both, from stainless steel and all-wood, and all the timepieces are splash-proof.

If you’re interested in this brand, expect to pay between 109$ (Wooch classic watches) and 440$ (automatic skeleton watches). Check the full collection and prices here!


This Polish brand produces wooden handwatches from local and exotic hardwoods. Besides watch production, they also offer a wide selection of wooden glasses and necklaces.

Plantwear Watches

All popular styles are represented, with many exciting series. Plantwear takes pride in sourcing wood from FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) approved forests, using oak, padouk, rosewood, and many other kinds of woods.

Watches are supplemented with features of stone, mineral glass, and leather. 

Quality and price

Plantwear uses the best available solid wood in the production. All leather straps are sourced from a local tannery and made from vegetable-tanned leather. They offer a 2-year warranty on all watches sold. 

Prices come relatively cheap, ranging from 109$ to 219$, with chronograph watches at 309$. Check Plantwear’s wooden watches here!

Lux Woods

Lux Woods is a small business with a passion for the earth, and a better, more sustainable path forward. Through the purchases, Lux Woods is helping an organization fighting against childhood hunger. Also, they are planting trees for a better environment.

Lux Woods Watches

All the wood watches are handmade from scrap wood pieces.

Primary materials in the production are chanate wood, zebrawood, blackwood, and olive wood. Some wooden watches have marble dial; also, straps consist of stainless steel and leather. 

Quality and price

Lux Woods ensures that all of their wood watches are with high-quality parts, and they are built to last. They offer a 1-year warranty for all of their wristwear. Another great thing besides all of those mentioned above is that each and every watch comes splash-proof.

The prices of these wood watches are attractive – all-wood minimalist and classic watches are below 100$, and stainless steel wooden timepieces cost 170$. Check the full list of watches here!


Vejrhoj is an independent watch company based in Denmark, starting in 2014. It merges natural hardwood, stainless steel, and Nordic minimalism to create a design that are simple yet distinctive.

Vejrhoj Watches

All the wood watches have a minimalist style with some mesmerizing simplicity.

The brand states that they’ve applied a new approach by placing all wooden elements underneath the dial glass. By doing this, a wooden watch achieves the same durability as a traditional stainless steel watch. It is a unique approach that others are still to match.

Quality and price

Placing all wooden elements underneath the dial glass takes the quality of wooden hand watches to a whole new level. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Scandinavians!

Prices are moderate, varying from 159$ to 289$. Have a look at all the watches here!

Bobo Bird

Bobo Bird manufactures wood watches by combining modern and traditional craftsmanship. They are using Chinese craftsmanship and Japanese movement technology. The timepieces are made from reclaimed and recycled wood and is the most popular amongst young consumers.

The brand says that Bobo Bird’s watch owners all over the world exceed 60 million.

Bobo Bird Watches

The texture of these watches is unique and innovative, and it has a personalized design. Prime woods of maple, bamboo, and sandalwood are used hand-in-hand with stainless steel.

You will find numerous collections – military watches, vintage watches, and gentlemen watches are just a few to mention.

Quality and price

Japanese movement technology ensures the watches are up to time, while the durable wood secures the maximum longevity.

Bobo Bird’s wooden watches are one of the cheapest on the market. Most of the watches cost between 59-99$. You can check all the prices here!

Best Wooden Watch Brands – What Do They Offer?

Have a look at the comparison table to check what the brands offer.

When you’ve made up your mind, don’t forget to check the visual suitability of the watch using the watch size chart.

wooden watch brands comparison

Those who have done a thorough reading, understand what is common in the best wooden watch brands – it’s the quality and hard work they put into handcrafting. Not only are the durable materials vital, but also the precision and sense of style. No brand will get continuous sales volumes at competitive prices without investing heavily in research and profound analysis.

Honest advice – If you want quality and long-lasting wooden timepiece, invest in top brands!

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