Wearing Watch on Inside of Wrist – 6 Beneficial Reasons

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Although the common rules of wearing a watch suggest otherwise, you may want to consider wearing your timepiece on the inside of your wrist – there are several advantages why it’s beneficial.

In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why people choose to wear watches on the inside of their wrists. We will also look at some of the benefits of this positioning. 

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Wearing watch on inside of wrist

The Advantages of Wearing Watches on the Inside of Your Wrists

There are several reasons why people might choose to wear their watches inside their wrists. Here are some of the most common advantages.


One of the biggest benefits of wearing a watch on the inside of your wrist is that it is much more discreet than wearing it on the outside – it just stays out of sight.  

If you’re in a professional setting or just want to avoid drawing attention to your timepiece or when checking the time, wearing it on the inside is a great way to go.

Take, for example, business meetings that aren’t always interesting and engaging. Now, if you want to check the time discreetly to find out how much more you have to suffer, it would be barely noticeable if you had the watch on the inside of your wrist. 

Though, wearing a watch on the inside of the wrist means you can’t show off it. However, you can place it on the inside just for the meeting and later put it back on the outside of your wrist.      

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, for example, prefers to wear his watch on the inside of his wrist. The reason? He doesn’t want to “insult people by checking the time.”

Easier Time Capture 

When you are doing particular tasks, it is much easier to capture the time while wearing a watch on the inside of your wrist. This is because you don’t have to twist your arm around in order to see the face of the watch. 

This can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to capture the time quickly – for example, if you’re doing something that requires keeping an eye on the time while, at the same time, concentrating on the activity.

Several professions find the reverse watch wearing more practical. For instance, nurses wear their watches inside out because it is much easier to check the time when taking the pulse. Also, it applies to mechanics and engineers whose hands are always occupied with tools.  

Better Protection of the Crystal

Another benefit of wearing a watch on the inside of your wrist is that it offers better protection for the crystal. If you are frequently active or tend to do a lot of outdoor activities, having your watch face facing outwards can result in scratches and other damage. 

A watch inside wrist in the water

However, wearing it on the inside will help prevent this from happening.

There are several types of crystals – some of them scratch rather easily while others do not. For instance, if you have a sapphire crystal watch, you won’t have to protect it against damage as much as you would have to do with a timepiece that features mineral glass because sapphire is almost impossible to scratch. 

Therefore, if your timepiece doesn’t come with a sapphire crystal, and you wear the watch for strenuous activities, you might consider wearing it on the inside of your wrist.   

Style Statement

This particular way of wearing a watch can also make a style statement. Why follow the norm when you can do it totally differently?!

In a world where social media has taken over the youth, it takes only one high-profile influencer to start the trend. 

It can also work out as a way of grabbing attention since the vast majority of people wear watches the other way around.

When it comes to gender, women are known to wear watches on their inside wrists more than men. That can be explained not only because of the self-expression and style statement but also by the fact that women’s watches are much smaller than men’s – it is more convenient to wear a smaller and thinner watch on the inside of a wrist than an oversized timepiece. 


When you wear your watch on the outside of your wrist, there’s a good chance that you’ll get reflections and glare. Although it’s normal and even sought-after, especially with sunray-style watches that emit an eye-catching hue, there are still some situations where it’s not beneficial.

Have you ever wondered why many military people wear watches on the inside of their wrists and not on the outside? Well, precisely because of eliminating the chances of getting reflections from the crystal. In the middle of a tactical operation, it can even have fatal consequences when wearing a watch outside the wrist.

Also, if you’re a hunter, it’s best to twist your watch upside down for not to give yourself away during the chase.

Due to Illness 

Many elderly people wear watches facing downwards. For some, it’s a habit, but for some, it is because of the illnesses that the elderly tend to have, such as arthritis. If twisting the wrist causes pain, it is best to wear it on the inside of the wrist.  

Is It Okay to Wear an Apple Watch Inside Wrist?

There has been quite a lot of debate about whether it is okay to wear an Apple Watch on the inside of the wrist or not. 

However, the thing with Apple Watch is that it’s not like a classic wristwatch – it has been designed specifically to be worn on the outside of the wrist.

Apple watch on the outside of the wrist

Apple Watches have several sensors at the back that measure heart rate and steps. Also, they’re equipped with sensors that activate the display when turning the wrist. So, when you wear the watch inside your wrist, these sensors won’t work properly.

Therefore, stick with wearing an Apple Watch on the outside of your wrist when you want to take the maximum out of your smartwatch.  

Final Take

If you’re looking for a way to keep your watch discreet and protected, or if you need to check the time in certain conditions without interfering with the job you’re doing, then wearing it on the inside of your wrist is an option worth considering. If you’re not already doing so, consider giving it a try – you may be surprised at how much it helps.

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Details

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