Dive Watches


Dive watches are among the most popular types of watches, and their popularity can be credited to the almighty Rolex Submariner that debuted in 1953. Since then, almost every respectable watchmaker has had a dive watch in its line-up.

What makes these watches so sought-after, then?

The most appreciated factor contributing to their success is their ultimate durability, enabling the watches to be worn to depths that often reach 200-300 meters (660-1,000ft). If a timepiece can withstand such pressure, you can be sure it will last you in any condition.

Another determinant supporting the popularity of dive watches is the fact that you can wear them with most clothing styles, from sweatpants and tank tops to smart casual blazers and even suits.

Last but not least, dive watches won’t cost you a fortune either when most timepieces are available for only a couple of hundred dollars.

The blog posts you’ll find below focus precisely on affordable diver watches that complement any outfit and are extremely reliable.

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