Best Under $500


If you are far from being the type of person who implicitly spends several thousand on a wristwatch without even blinking an eye, this section is for you.

A high-quality and good-looking watch can easily be acquired for $500 and less. Period. Don’t listen to the snobs who state otherwise.

For $500, you can get a professional-grade diving watch with ISO standards for deep diving. You can also purchase a self-winding automatic timepiece from a world-famous manufacturer for the same amount of money. $500 can even buy you a Swiss-made watch with the seal of approval from the mightiest of industries in the field.

The watches come from brands that have been around for decades, and even centuries, putting loads of effort into upping the standards while maintaining affordability.

Therefore, you can rest assured that $500 can buy you a handsome wrist companion for decades.

You can check them out below, where we have categorized the best watches under $500.

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