Best Looking Wooden Watches: What Wood Is Used?

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In today’s world, where consumption is at its peak and keeps growing at a rapid speed, only a few companies and producers of consumer goods pay enough attention to nature preservation.

Wooden hand watch manufacturers have taken the approach and responsibility. Some may think they’ve limited their choices in the production by sticking to wood as the primary material. After all, wood is just wood. The reality is somewhat different. Some of the best looking wooden watches come in many colors and shades and offer various hardness levels.

best looking wooden watch

Many top wood watches are of a type you’ve probably never heard of. But what wood is used to handcraft them? Let’s look at the prime examples to give you yet another consideration of whether to buy a wooden watch.

Top 10 Wood Used

1. Maple

Maple is the most popular wood in the industry – all of the leading wooden watch brands use that material. 

Maple’s smooth grain pattern of occasional waves between straight-running lines gives a creamy and soft color, which makes it suitable for many outfits. Another quality of maple’s aesthetics is the low and graceful aging of the wood – no need to worry about your wooden watch to wear out quickly.

Smooth and straight grain provides the ground for impeccable durability and stability. No wonder furniture manufacturers use maple for hard furnishes, such as kitchens and dining tables.

Maple can stand harsh conditions and knocks much better than any other wood type. You will feel a lot more confident when going out hiking wearing a wooden hand watch made of maple.

Choose this wood if you:

  • value excellent durability
  • spend time hiking
  • like the creamy and soft color
  • want your watch to last long

2. Walnut

Wooden hand watches come in various colors. Lighter-tone tickers (with some shades of creamy white and grey) are made of outer portions of wood, while darker watches (with tones of light brown or purple) come from the inner parts.

Another exciting feature of walnut is that it doesn’t darken with age like many other kinds of woods – it tends to lighten over time marginally.

Walnut has straight grains but can occasionally present some curls and rings. Like maple wood, it is considered one of the most robust materials, which makes it a long-lasting piece of jewelry.

One of the outstanding characteristics of walnut is the resistance of humid conditions and heat. Other wood types rarely match this.

The polishing outcome of the material is also notable. It results in a smooth surface and is very suitable for those having problems with sensitive skin.

Choose this wood if you:

  • value exceptional durability
  • live in a humid or hot region
  • have a sensitive skin

3. Zebrawood

Some of the best looking wooden watches are made of zebrawood. They are mainly produced from heartwood that has a pale golden yellow look with features of dark brown and black narrow streaks.

The wood is considered reliable and hard but can contain softer parts. It makes crafting challenging and unstable. The outcome, though, is unique. Light color alternates with dark stripes. That is where the name originates – it reminds of a zebra.

The name zebrawood describes several tree species and a wood derived from it, and it originates from Central-America and Central-Africa. It is widely used as a decorative material. For example, Cadillac uses zebrawood in their cars for interior enhancements.

zebrawood for making wooden watches

Choose this wood if you:

  • prefer a unique look
  • want a long-lasting watch
  • are a fan of stripes (or zebras)

4. Olive

The texture is smooth with a natural glow. A unique feature of olive wood is the grain pattern that resembles an oil leak. Wooden hand watches are mainly golden or deep brown.

Olive trees usually grow up to only 25-50 feet (8-15 meters). The texture is hard, tightly grained, and tense, which is caused by its slow growth. It is considered a strong and durable wood. Similarly to maple, It stands knocks much better than many other types of wood. It can be easily polished to a high degree, which is excellent news for people with sensitive skin.

Choose this wood if you:

  • value durability
  • want your watch to look new for a long time
  • have a sensitive skin
  • like the grain pattern

5. Ebony

Ebony is considered as a hard and durable wood type. The texture is beautiful and even, with a naturally high gloss. It is one of the most in-demand luxury woods. Ebony’s slow growth causes problems in supply volumes, and that eventually means the watches cost significantly more.

Wooden watches are dark in color, with occasional lighter strips. The dark wooden appearance is often considered as a high-end feature and suits those searching for a prestigious-looking watch. 

Due to its strength, many handgun grips are made of ebony, as are the butts of pool cues, and black piano keys.

ebony wood for wooden watches

Choose this wood if you:

  • desire a dark wooden watch
  • want a long-lasting ticker
  • prefer a luxurious look

6. Sandalwood

Although sandalwood is more known for the oil extracted from the wood, it is also widely used in the wooden watch industry. The strength and durability are notable features of this type of wood.

Mainly, the watches are dark brown and dark grey, but some of the exceptions include red, black, and green variations.

Indian sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world, after African Blackwood. The slow growth gives a considerable contribution to the value. Expect the prices of these wood timepieces to be slightly higher.

sandalwood for wooden hand watches

Choose this wood if you:

  • want a durable watch
  • like the scent
  • prefer darker watches
  • are willing to pay more

7. Rosewood

Rosewood, similarly to ebony, is an expensive and exclusive material in the watch industry. Some of the South American countries are tightly regulating the trade to maintain sustainability.

Watches are mainly dark brown and reddish-brown. The wood is robust, durable, and taking an excellent polish. It has a sweet smell that persists many years, explaining the name rosewood.

Rosewood is also used to craft chess pieces, guitars, furniture, and luxury flooring.

rosewood for wooden watch production

Choose this wood if you:

  • value reliability
  • enjoy a sweet smell
  • are willing to pay more
  • don’t mind the environmental issue

8. Teak

One characteristic of teak needs to be cleared straight away – it is highly weather-resistant. The high oil content, tensile strength, and tight grain make it suitable where weather resistance is required. Outdoor furniture and boat decks, for example, are manufactured from teak.

The hand watches made of teak are reliable and durable. The primary color is brown, ranging from light brown to golden brown. There is a leather-like scent in newly cut wood, which adds a bit of luxury to your wooden watch. 

Since teak is weather-resistant and durable, the prices of the watches tend to be higher. The sourcing of the wood is difficult, which also adds to the price increase.

Choose this wood if you:

  • are thoroughly an outdoor person
  • enjoy a leather-like scent
  • like brown watches

9. Cherry

The best attribute of cherry wood is the range of colors. A single cherry tree can have a variety of tones – from light golden and pink to dark red and brown. The wood changes the color in the aging process – it starts in lighter tones and ends with a reddish-brown color. The changes take place mainly in the first six months but could last for a couple of years.

Wooden watches have sufficient durability, but usually, the unique colors of the wood are the reason why people admire a cherry watch. It adds personality to whoever wears it.

cherry tree for wooden watch production

Choose this wood if you:

  • value the looks more than anything
  • are happy with possible darkening
  • want to show your character

10. Bamboo

Bamboos are one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some species growing at a rate of almost 40mm (1.6 inches) an hour. That is the reason why bamboo watches are considered the eco-friendliest in the world.

Wooden hand watches made of bamboo have a smooth texture and offer the lightest tone available. They’re not light only in color, but also in weight.

Since the bamboo is very sustainable, the watches are one of the cheapest available.

Choose this wood if you:

  • want the eco-friendliest watch
  • prefer light color
  • wish to have a light-weight hand watch
  • don’t want to pay much

Other Notable Types of Wood

Acacia koa wood resembles rosewood, having lighter lines between darker lines. Primary tones are brown, red, and gold. Since koa can be found only in Hawaii, the watches tend to be rather expensive. The koa population has suffered from grazing and logging, and the wood comes mostly from dead or dying trees, or farms on private lands. This type of wood is not for those who stand firmly for a sustainable nature.

Purpleheart is prized for the beautiful heartwood, which, upon cutting, quickly turns from a light brown to vibrant purple color. The more you expose the watch, the better the color becomes. Purpleheart has excellent strength properties and is watertight. It is widely available but difficult to work with, which eventually means higher prices.

Cumaru wood tends to be a medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or purple hue. This type of wood is very resistant against any weather and excessive moisture. Cumaru has a faint vanilla and cinnamon odor when being worked. The wood is considered dense and very durable.

Padauk wood has some distinctive colors that others can’t match. The colors range from a pale pinkish-orange to a deep brownish-red. The appearance is exceptional and drives fashion gurus to buy exclusive design watches made of padauk. Wooden watches are moderately priced.

Oak is the body of the woodworking industry, though, not that common in handcrafting a wooden hand watch. Wristwear made of oak wood is durable and has unique colors.

Karri wood is mostly golden to reddish-brown and tends to darken with age. The wood is moderately durable, and trees grow in large numbers.


To sum up the long list of wood types, the best looking wooden watches are handcrafted from quality hardwood, which ensures long-lasting durability. Hardwood, of course, needs to be stunning to attract the attention of a potential buyer. It’s impossible to look past the magnificent color spectrum a rosewood or purpleheart offers, or the elegant and timeless tones of walnut and maple. Wood is not just wood – it is the gift of nature we should value!

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Details

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